New 2011 Porsche Cayenne CLR 550 GT by Lumma Design

The new Cayenne is significantly prettier than the lumpy, first-generation model Porsche released upon us. Now it resembles a legitimate X5 competitor. Still, Lumma Design wants to take it a step further with its wide-body CLR 550 GT.

For now, though, it's all just renderings.

Lumma is crafting an add-on lip spoiler with integrated fog lights, LED running lights, headlight trim, and a ton of carbon fiber bits for the Cayenne's front end.

Its carbon-Kevlar hood will feature functional cooling vents and be raised slightly to cover the windshield wipers (reducing drag) around the cowl area.

Down the sides you can see Lumma's signature extra-wide fenders covering 22- or 23-inch wheels, between which are special air-directing side skirts helping to cool the rear brakes.

At the rear is the rest of Lumma's kit, which is a rear bumper, taillight trim, and a diffuser housing a very unique three-tipped exhaust.

Above that, there's a carbon spoiler mid-hatch and another strip of carbon which somehow "provide additional power". Downforce, I understand, but can anyone explain how two lines of carbon fiber make power?

If you're looking for real power to go with the looks, you'll have to contact the German folks over at Lumma Design. This kit is purely for show.

By Phil Alex