Bad Boy Off-Road Electric Buggy Recalled for... Unintended Acceleration

Believe it or not, not even those little electric golf cart "buggies" seen around country clubs, marinas, and large-scale properties are immune from an occasional recall. Just recently, approximately 9,300 of these little errand-runners have been recalled for having a case of the "Toyotas", or unintended acceleration.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission confirms fifty-nine reports of the issue so far, while models affected range from those built in 2003 up to the present. The buggy in question is the Bad Boy Classic - built by Missouri's Bad Boy Enterprises - and, due to the unexpected/unintended increase in pace, has caused a few injuries such as broken bones and damaged pride.

It turns out that 3,900 of the Classics were recalled in October of 2009 as well, but Bad Boy Enterprises says the repair didn't work as well as they had hoped. Let's hope the second time's the charm.

By Phil Alex