Man Turns Pontiac Fiero into an Amazing Replica of Lamborghini Miura!

All too often, Pontiac Fiero-based replicas are simply horrible, to say the least. But, once in a while, a truly unique build hits the internet forums like this LS3 V8-powered Lamborghini Miura wannabe. Dreamed up by the owner of Chop Top Fiero in Machesney Park, Illinios, the so-called Fiura (no need to explain that) has been carefully developed over a period of three years and it’s the mother of all replicas using Fiero underpinnings.

Part of its awesomeness is due to the fact that Archie, the man behind the project, went to enormous lengths to make it as accurate to the original as possible, but without spending a fortune.

If you have the patience to read all 19 pages of the thread on Pennock’s Fiero Forum, you’ll learn that Miura parts aren’t exactly cheap nor abundant, so Archie did a lot of fabricating and scavenged all over the internet for suitable donor parts.

He also thoroughly modified the Fiero chassis and built a custom body out of fiberglass. This kind of dedication is a testimony to the fact that true passion has no limits.

Check out the extensive gallery and videos below to see the Fiura come to life.

By Csaba Daradics

Source: Pennock's Fiero Forum , Via: Jalopnik



____________________ORIGINAL LAMBORGHINI MIURA___________________


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