U-SPY: Carscoop Reader Snags a Fleet of BMW Prototypes in Austria

The BMW Group is quite busy these days as the Bavarian automaker is developing a raft of new models, ranging from the upcoming Megacity electric-vehicle and the MINI Coupe and Roadster, to the next generation of the 3-Series and the production version of the Vision ED concept sports car.

Carscoop reader Andras from Hungary was vacationing in Obertauern, Austria when he spotted this convoy of BMWs comprising of both masked prototypes and normal production cars, including a sedan in full body cladding. Check out Andras' photos and story after the jump.

Andras Deak's Scoop:

"I am currently in Obertauern, Austria for my holidays and discovered a small parking place dedicated to BMW. I walked there to check the cars and took some pictures.

There were 4 "cooling boxes" for cars. At the parking area I recognized a heavily camouflaged next-gen BMW 3-Series (possibly a hybrid version), the brand new X3 with some light camouflage (also possible hybrid version) and several 5-Series... Note that all the cars were plugged into something which looked like an electric charger to me.. Maybe a plug-in hybrid?

The interior of the next-gen 3-Series looks like all the new BMWs these days. It looked like a small 7-Series from the inside. The navigation screen is huge. I could see several fingerprints on the screen (maybe touchscreen?), but also an iDrive controller..."

Köszönöm for the pictures Andras!