Say Again? Lamborghini Sesto Elemento up for Sale in Germany...

Unless we're missing something here or we've somehow managed to imitate Marty McFly and travel into the future, Lamborghini's Paris Motor Show Sesto Elemento lightweight supercar remains a one-off concept model - at least officially and for now.

That said, we find it hard to explain the sale of the car by German luxury and supercar dealer, Auto Salon Singen, on In the description, the alleged seller claims that Lamborghini will build 10 examples of the Sesto Elemento, but they won't be street legal. The price of the... future supercar is set at €2,261,900 including 19% VAT (tax), or just shy of US$3 million. Any explanation(s) are welcome.

Hat tip to Marcus for the find!

Link: Mobile

*All photos are from the concept model