Pontiac Fiero Goes All Ferrari F40

Is there some sort of underground movement in Germany we don’t know about devoted to converting Pontiac Fiero’s into shoddy Ferrari knockoffs? Is this a new national pastime over there or a devious ploy by Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Audi to discredit their Italian competitors?

Whatever you may think, the Fiero-based Ferrari replica is here to stay. And, much like David Hasslehoff, there’s nowhere these things are more popular than in Germany. At least, that’s the impression that I get. Presumably built in Belgium (as it is registered there), this replica has 71,000 km (44,154 miles) on the clock, a manual transmission and a whopping 123 hp. That’s only 349 hp short of a real F40!

What’s really funny though are some of the seller’s comments (albeit when translated from German to English). For example, the seller is keen to remind us that this is not a genuine Ferrari -it’s not?!-, merely a replica / conversion.

I also like how he or she compares the price to the cost of an actual, genuine F40 (state as between €300,000 and €400,000 / US$395,380 and US$527,040), as if that counts for anything when dealing with a Fiero-based replica...

Though it’s worthwhile mentioning, with and a current bid of €3,910 (US$5,152), the reserve price has still not be met. I’d call this the worse Fiero-based replica I’ve ever seen, but know too well that there are much, much worse examples out there. Please leave your scorn and derision in the comments section below.

By Tristan Hankins

Link: eBay.de