Think Adds an Extra Pair of Seats to its All-Electric City Car

For the first time since its introduction, the Think City electric car will be offered with a 2+2 seating arrangement. The Oslo-based company's four-seater model will go on sale in Europe within the next few days. The company did not say if or when the more practical version of the City will be available in North America.

“At the heart of everything THINK does is flexibility to the customer – and we have just taken this a step further this Christmas with the introduction for the first time of the 2+2 seating configuration," said THINK Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Lock. "Want to take the kids to school? You’ve got it! You need to carry a heavy load? No problem, the seats stow away giving largely the same load space as before. These advantages, coupled with our technical enhancements make the THINK City unquestionably the most attractive EV on the market.”

As with the two-seater model, the 2+2 City is powered by a 34kW electric motor and it can travel at highway speeds of up to 110 km/h [68 mph] and cover 160 kilometres [100 miles] on a single charge with zero local emissions. Typical charge time for the Lithium battery is 8 hours (100%) and for the Zebra battery, 0-80% in 7 hours and 80-100%, 4 hours.