Mercedes G-Class

This is the first picture –teaser- from Mercedes, for the all-new G-Class, which steps up a category, trying to hit the Range Rover.

Luxiourious interior which fit's 7 passengers -2+3+3 configuration. It shares a lot of components with the ML & R-Class, but it promises much better off-road capabilities. There will be 2 petrol engines available when sales start next year, a 3.2 V6 with 272 hp (G320) & a 5.0 V8 306 hp (G500), both with 7speed auto transmission standard. Lenght x Width = 5.080mm x 1.920 mm

Scion Concept

Toyota will show this concept at Tokio


"The bB concept is where nightclub and car combine. Its youth-focused, edgy design is matched by a mighty nine-speaker sound system with surround DSP (digital signal processing) and lighting that flashes in time to the beat"

Audi TT

This is the new Audi TT. Called the Shooting Brake conept, it will be shown at the Tokio Motor Show. A true 4 seater and not a 2 +2 it has a 3.2 V6 FSI engine with 250 hp. 0-62 mph in 6,0 sec and 250 km/h.
Production version coming next year with three engines:
3.2 V6 FSI-250 hp
2.0 TFSI-200 & 220 hp