BMW to co-design Airbus A350 interior

German carmaker BMW has confirmed it is to help Airbus design the interior of the aircraft-maker's new A350 jet

The planned cooperation was first reported by the financial daily Handelsblatt, which cited sources at Airbus as saying that BMW would design a cabin for the A350 that will provide customers with greater comfort. BMW spokesman Michael Rebspock confirmed that an agreement had been made, but declined to give details.

Set to start service in 2010, the A350 will be the European firm's new mid-sized, long-distance aircraft, designed to rival Boeing's Dreamliner. The Dreamliner, due in 2009, has 185 orders so far. The A350 has 172.

The European consortium, however, is pulling out all the stops in its quest to better the Dreamliner... and is enlisting German automaker BMW to help make A350 passengers feel like they're in one of the automaker's upscale vehicles.

Under an agreement announced Friday, BMW will aid in the design of the A350 cabin to provide passengers with greater comfort -- something the Dreamliner has touted, with larger windows and wider seats than Airbus had previously announced.

This isn't the first aviation job for the Bavarian automaker. As was previously reported by Aero-News, BMW DesignworksUSA has also been enlisted by Embraer to design the interior accommodations of that manufacturer's upcoming Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 light jets.

No word yet if A350 passengers will have to deal with iDrive -- the single-point user interface system found in BMW's upscale automobiles, that has met with broad criticism from drivers for being shockingly unintuitive -- to choose their IFE selection, call the flight attendant, or adjust overhead airflow.

Further details of the new cabin will be provided when the mock-up is unveiled during the Interiors Expo 2006 exhibition in Hamburg, which runs 4-6 April.

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Daewoo Winstorm

GM Daewoo name their new medium SUV, Winstorm and announce an agreement to rehire by the end of May all 1,725 workers laid off in the 2001 restructuring plan

GM Daewoo announced that it named their edition of the Korean developed medium SUV, Winstorm. The Winstorm- a combination of the words 'Win' and 'Storm', is scheduled to debut in Korea in June. The vehicle will have a 2.0 litre diesel VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) engine and it will be available in five-seater and seven-seater editions. The car will fit somewhere in-between Hyundai's Santa Fe and Tucson models, with prices yet to be announced.

GM Chairman Rick Wagoner, now in Korea, visited the company's plant in Bupyeong, Gyeonggi Province and tested the vehicle himself. "The Winstrom will carry on the tradition of my company, which developed the world's first SUV Chevy Suburban in 1935," he said. "I believe it will play a big role in increasing our market share worldwide not only in Korea."

* The Daewoo Winstorm is practically the same car as the Chevrolet Captiva (Click on the link to see the full press release, specifications & pictures: Read more HERE & HERE). This medium SUV will also base an Opel version for Europe and a Saturn version aimed for the USA


Union and management representatives of GM Daewoo Auto & Technology on Friday announced an agreement to rehire by the end of May all 1,725 workers laid off in restructuring in 2001, when GM acquired Daewoo Motors. GM Daewoo is the first company in the country that has ever hired back every last worker it rationalized out.

In the past five years, GM Daewoo has been reborn as an entirely different firm. Its sales last year increased 30 percent from the previous year and its exports 50 percent. As a result, GM Daewoo netted profits of W64.7 billion (US$64.7 million), a record even counting the years when it was plain Daewoo Motors. That success is due to vibrant exports taking advantage of GM's worldwide marketing networks, and particularly to hugely improved exports to China.

Now GM Daewoo is able to rehire all the 1,700-plus workers it laid off. The firm plans to move from the current single shift at the Bupyeong Plant into two shifts in June, when all five GM Daewoo plants will go into full operation.

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Brilliance Jinjue

Brilliance Motor Works

Is this China’s best yet?

Remember that “BMW”like Chinese sedan that was previewed last year's Frankfurt Show? Well, Chinese carmaker Brilliance has released it in the China market under the name Jinjue sedan.

Jinjue, which can be translated either as “Triumphant Horse” or “Winning Gold”, was designed, as its bigger brother, the Zhonghua sedan -not surprisingly, by Italian specialist Pininfarina and it reminds us of a “mini” 5-Series –some evil people say it looks even better than the new 3 Series…

Now before you ask yourself why doesn’t BMW do something about it, shall I remind you that BMW & Brilliance Auto have a formed a joint-venture in China, producing BMW’s for the local market. It is also said that BMW has given the “know how” to Brilliance for the making of the Jinjue.

Four engines will be available at launch ranging from 1.6 to 2.0 liters -including a 1.8 Turbo with 170 hp. Brilliance hopes this sports sedan will boost its annual sales from 17,500 to 30,000 this year. That does not include possible European sales, which are said to start later this year.

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Audi A8 Kompressor

The ulimate A8 with a 500 hp V8: 303 km/h and 0-100 km/h in less than 5,0 sec

“JE DESIGN” from Germany, a specialist for Audi tuning, is presenting as the world’s premier tuner a comprehensive customising suite for the new Audi A 8.

A front spoiler with enlarged air inlets and additional side vents lend the Audi an impressive front appearance besides generating greater downforce and, as such, enhanced driving stability. Side sills with air intakes per set enhance the air supply in the wheel arches and make the A 8 look lower. The rear view is adorned by a rear spoiler on the boot lid, which produces greater downforce on the rear axle, plus a rear valance attachment with diffuser. It is also possible to keep the sensors of a PARC acoustic system from the series model. Moreover, JE DESIGN offers cartridges for double headlights consisting of fog lamps and upper beam headlights for the front bumper.

A completely new development in the form of a chrome-plated 4-pipe rear silencer system with a tailpipe diameter of 101 mm produces a sporty V 8 sound and also has a performance-enhancing effect.

246 kW/335HP and 430 Nm – the serial Audi A8. After a Kompressor Kit and a modified enginer management the Audi A8 gets about 368 kW/500HP. The topspeed of this Audi A8 is about 303 km/h. The Audi shoot the passenger serial in 6,3 seconds to 100 km/h, but not the JE-DESIGN tuned! The driver of the V8 Kompressor reach the 100 km/h in 4,8 seconds!
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KTM - Audi Roadster

Audi & KTM collaborate on roadster project that may go in production in 2007

Although Bertrand Bach’s vision of an Audi Motorcycle never found it’s way to production, it seems that a reverse version of that idea may very well be on its way, and sooner than you think.

According to Austrian newspaper, "Kleine Zeitung", Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM and AUDI are joining forces to bring an all new roadster on the market. The project is said to not be strictly official, but to "have the sympathy" of Audi boss Dr Winterkorn. KTM boss Stefan Pierer has already confirmed these plans in a radio interview earlier this year.

"We want to create a car inspired from motorcycles, an open roadster, with no front window", stated Pierer. "Where will it be built? It is not decided yet. There are many possibilities. Magna is surely a possible partner, as it can handle the approximately 300 units per year that we want to sell”

KTM roadster's role model will be the legendary Lotus Super Seven, but with all the characteristics of a motorcycle. Weighing in at just 700kg (a little bit over 1,500 pounds), the specifications point to track-only car. Its KTM-developed structure may be classified as a motorcycle rather than a car, demanding that occupants wear a helmet. However, unlike the Volkswagen GX3 prototype seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, it will have four, rather than three, wheels.

The newspaper notes that the powertrain will come from Audi, possibly the 1.4 TSI that combines high output (170 hp) with a low weight. The world premiere of the roadster could take place even as soon as the Bologna Motor Show at the end of 2006, although it is more possible for it to debut at the 2007 Geneva Show with production following in forthcoming months.

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Laboratori Bebi Quercianella

Swedish Supercar with a 525hp 2.4 litre V8 engine and a 0-100 km/h in in just 3,0 sec

Swedish carmaker Laboratori Bebi is developing a new super car, called the Quercianella as a tribute to the man who once helped to transform their idea in to reality. His name is Ing. Giotto Bizzarrini and Quercianella is the place where he once grew up and where he is living today. Bizzarrini, one of the most famous designers of our time, is renown for his work on evocative sportscars as the Ferrari 250GTO and the Lamborghini Miura.

The Quercianella is characterized by the Swedish company as a “baby supercar”, as it will have all the performance and all the looks of a stunning supercar, but it is slightly smaller and half the weight.

Although the Quercianella will look like a “roadcar”, beneath the surface it will be a thoroughbred racer. The Quercianella promises to outperform basically everything on any trackday and yet take its owner back to home without even the need of changing tyres. The car is in it´s second and final prototype stage and is expected to be on sale in the second half of 2006.

PRESS RELEASE:We believe there is a niche for a baby supercar. A car with all the performance and all the looks of any supercar, but at half the weight. And therefore also a lot cheaper. Pricing is an important part of the branding process. The people behind Zonda, Koenigsegg, Enzo etc knows that. To set a price at 300.000 pounds + is an effective way of differentiating. It will limit the volume which is part of their strategy. The profit marginal is high enough and they will not have to sell many cars to make a good business.”

“We have a different way of thinking. Let´s say that you want something more high-tech than a Caterham and more of a roadcar than a Radical. You want a carbonfibre chassis, great design, a multi cylinder engine and a sekvential gearbox and you believe AC, stereo, leather upholstery etc has nothing to do with advanced driving. Basically you want a high tech formula car made for two but with the looks of a fantastic supercar. You start looking and you find …nothing. At 50K Euro you get a Caterham, Elise or a Radical. Double that and you get a Porsche 911, a Noble or a TVR. Not what you are looking for. Double that and you get a Gallardo. Nice car but not a racer. So double that and you are getting close to a Carrera GT, an Enzo or a Zonda. Pay up or step back.”

“At Laboratorio BEBI we are offering you a very special tool of a car that still looks like a car. A great looking supercar with that very special feather weight feature that makes it very fast and very nice to drive. 525 Hp and 525 Kg. Supercarperfomance, supercarlooks and supercarhandling – at half the price. This is our mission



All painted carbonfibre.


Carbonfibre semi monocoque with steel subframes and composite crash structures


Double wishbone, pushrod activated Öhlins coilovers


V8 2.4 litre. 380-525 Hp at 10.500 Rpm.


6 speed sequential transaxel

Length x Width x Height:

4230 x 1920 x 1038 mm


2600 mm


525 kg


Front 9x18, rear 10x18


Michelin Pilot Sport Cup. Front


AP Racing


Acc 0-100 km/h. 3 sec Top speed. 300 km/h ++

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Daihatsu Boon X4 (Sirion Turbo)

While in most regions Daihatsu does not have a sporty image -due of course its low profile models, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Japan as Toyota’s subsidiary continues to evolve mini-“bombs” like the Charade Tubo GTi of the early 90’s.

The Daihatsu Boon, which is known in Europe as the second generation Sirion mini-car, got a tune up and a new name, the Boon X4. This four wheel drive mini gets a 1.0 Turbo engine that produces 133 hp / 7,200 rpm & 13,5 kgm / 3,600 rpm. Daihatsu has yet to release more information, but have in mind that the car weighs a mere 980 kg, which means the Boon X4 will probably honour its WRC Rally inspired bodykit .

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Toyota RAV4 Commercial –“A Car To Make Your Own”

Remember the movie “War of the Roses”? Well, Toyota New Zealand just released there version of the movie with a couple trying to kill each other over the new RAV4 waiting down on the street. The add was created at Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand by creative director Toby Talbot, creatives Jay Benjamin, Andy DiLallo, and agency producer Fiona Champtaloup.
The young couple wake up in bed together, seemingly happy, but as they get ready for work things start to go wrong. In the first scene, the lady goes to the shower where she gets…quite a shock as there's a hair dryer in it. The gent on the other hand, nearly gets his throat slashed by the window. In the end, the ad finishes with the couple's house exploding up...

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Audi reveals more sketches of the new TTC (2007 TT )

To read more follow this Link

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Volvo Hybrid Truck Concept


A long term solution for the future or a marketing gimmick? Although opinions differ between Europe and the US, fact is that millions of people have embraced Hybrid technology in cars, so it was just a matter of time till we saw it’s use in professional vehicles.

Volvo Group presented their vision for a Hybrid truck in the form of a concept vehicle, which promises to offer a fuel saving of up to 35 per cent. Volvo’s hybrid will undergo a wide range of tests, but the company predicts that a production version bearing the Volvo badge will be available on the market within a few years.

PRESS RELEASE: "We envisage opportunities to accelerate developments in commercially viable hybrids for heavy vehicles. This can be significant for both our customers and for the environment," says President and CEO of Volvo, Leif Johansson.

The Volvo Group’s hybrid concept provides maximum fuel-saving effects on routes with frequent braking and accelerations, for example in refuse collection, city bus traffic and city distribution. Calculations indicate that fuel savings can amount up to 35 per cent. Maintenance costs for vehicles can also be reduced through reduced wear on the braking system.

The hybrid concept is designated I-SAM and it consists of a combined starter motor, drive motor and alternator, along with an electronic control unit. I-SAM interacts with Volvo’s I-Shift automatic gear shifting system. The batteries are recharged by the diesel engine and whenever the brakes are applied.

The electric motor offers smooth performance at low speeds, supplementing the diesel engine’s excellent performance as speed rises. This solution allows the truck to accelerate under electric power alone. This promotes lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and lower noise levels. And there are several additional features that contribute to the lower fuel consumption.

"Thanks to the electric motor’s capacity, the diesel engine can be automatically switched off when the truck stops to make deliveries, pick up loads or pauses at traffic lights," explains Lars Martensson, environmental affairs manager at Volvo Trucks. Auxiliary functions such as the servo pump, AC compressor and so on are driven electrically in the hybrid truck instead of by the diesel engine.

Thanks to efficient interaction between the two power sources, the vehicle can be fitted with a smaller diesel engine without compromising on performance. This gives customers a cost-effective solution that reduces emissions.

"The hybrid is a long-term and highly interesting solution for efficient and environmentally-adapted transport activities. We are aware that oil prices for our customers will rise, and therefore, all solutions that reduce fuel consumption are highly attractive", says Leif Johansson.

"The diesel engine in our hybrid solution can also be operated using biofuels, and consequently, transport activities can be conducted without carbon dioxide emissions. This paves the way for interesting developments toward long-term sustainable transport solutions", he continues.

The Volvo Group is also participating in the development of a new type of battery – Effpower - which is based on proven lead-acid technology used in start batteries in today's vehicles. Through this new technology, the power output has been doubled, while at the same time manufacturing costs for the batteries can be significantly reduced compared with alternatives on the market. With Effpower, the cost efficiency in electrical hybrids can be further enhanced.
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