2011 Camaro SS Caught in Production Form

A member of the “E90Post” bimmer forum has uploaded two pictures of a totally undisguised 2011 Camaro in SS trim. Just to set things straight, we traced the images back to a Camaro-loving website called “5thgen”. According to the poster who goes by the alias “Roaduscarnivorous”, the car was spotted at an unknown TV movie set and that Christian Slater was one of the actors that was there. We’re not sure yet to as which of GM’s V8 engines will occupy the space under the Camaro SS' hood, but if anything else, the "SS" costume looks mighty good. -One more pic after the jump

Thanks for the tip Rod G.! Via: 5thgen

U.S. vs Europe: Top 10 Selling Vehicles in 2008

We’ve gathered the sales figures from Europe and the U.S. during the first five months of the year (January through May 2008) and compiled a list with the top 10 best selling vehicles from each side of the Atlantic. Having lived on both continents, here are a few thoughts that came up to mind:

If you’re an American, you’ll probably be surprised with these facts: A) 9 out 10 cars are subcompact hatchbacks or as Europeans call them, B (Ford Fiesta) and C (VW Golf) Segment cars; B) The European top 10 list consists of vehicles exclusively from domestic automakers; C) A premium mid-size sedan, aka the BMW 3-Series, has made it the top 10 list selling more examples in Europe than the popular Dodge Ram does in the States and D) GM’s and Ford’s European counterparts have 4 models in the top-10 list. -Continued

Respectively, Europeans would raise a few eyebrows because: A) Despite the surging fuel prices, 3 out 10 vehicles belong to the large pick up segment, including the number 1 model in the U.S., the Ford F-Series; B) Half of the top 10 best selling vehicles come from Japanese automakers; C) From the 5 “all-American” vehicles in the top 10 list, the only car that has a future if fuel prices continue to surge is the Ford Focus which is actually based on the previous generation Euro model and D) Not one European carmaker has managed to penetrate the top-10 U.S. market

Check out the complete top-10 list from both markets and drop us a line with your thoughts in the comment section below. (Pic: Auto Cars 2011)


Jan-May '08


Jan-May '08


Ford F-Series


VW Golf



Toyota Camry


Peugeot 207



Chevy Silverado


Ford Focus



Honda Accord


Opel Corsa



Honda Civic


Renault Clio



Toyota Corolla


Opel Astra



Nissan Altima


Ford Fiesta



Chevy Impala


Fiat Punto



Dodge Ram


VW Polo



Ford Focus


BMW 3-Series


VW Launches Eos “Edition 2009”

We all know how much optional equipment can cost when it comes to German cars. However, once in a while German automakers launch special edition versions that come with additional equipment at no extra cost. One of those is the Volkswagen Eos “Edition 2009” that is available in Germany.

The Eos “Edition 2009” is distinguished on the outside by features such as chrome radiator grille slats and “Cherry Red” LED taillights while the interior is characterized the heated leather-fitted sports seats in “Nappa Date Brown”, a three-spoke leather steering wheel with aluminum elements and leather-look door trims. -Continued

The package also features standard “Climatronic” air-conditioning system, cruise control, an “RCD 510” radio system with an integrated 6-stack CD player and a ParkPilot system that alerts drivers to the distance of obstacles at the rear of the vehicle.

The available engine options for the Eos “Edition 2009” include four petrol engines ranging the 122Hp 1.4 TSI to the 250Hp 3.2 V6 and a 2.0-liter 140Hp diesel engine. In Germany, prices for the Eos “Edition 2009” start at 31,325 euro for the 1.4 TSI petrol-engine, which equal to a saving of up to 1,340 euro against the standard model with comparable extras.

Kia Soul Makes First Public Appearance at Vans Warped Tour

Kia is offering U.S. customers their first opportunity to see the new Soul up close before the production vehicle makes its world debut later this year at the Paris Motor Show, as a lightly camouflaged version of the compact crossover will take part at the 2008 Vans Warped Tour.

As part of the promo, during each stop of the tour those interested will have the chance to visit the Kia "Soul Lounge," an interactive tent featuring information displays about the new crossover and other Kia vehicles, a DJ, an airbrush tattoo artist and the chance to enter to win either a new Sportage or Spectra SX in the "Keys to the Ride" sweepstakes.

Motorola Releases RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special Edition Cell Phone

Motorola today announced the availability of its latest Ferrari branded cell-phone based on the RAZR2 V9. The first country to receive the phone is Singapore with the RAZR2 V9 Ferrari Special Edition being available exclusively to SingTel subscribers. If you’re wondering why, look no further than to the 2008 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix that’s sponsored by SingTel. -Continued

As you’d expect, the only differences between the original RAZR2 V9 and the Ferrari Special Edition model apart from the pricing, are purely cosmetic. You do of course get a fancy Ferrari-branded leather carry case and heaps of Ferrari wallpapers and ringtones, but that’s about it.

Via: cnet

Video: RWD Nissan S-Cargo with 4.1-liter V8 Engine!

The S-Cargo was a funky-looking mini van based on the 90’s Micra platform and equipped with a puny 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that was built in limited numbers by Nissan from 1989 to 1992. While this custom model that’s for sale in New Zealand might look as innocent as the standard car on the outside, get ready for a surprise once you open the hood; this S-Cargo has been fitted with a Nissan derived VH41DE 4.1-liter V8 engine (same as the one found in earlier Infiniti Q45s) that in stock form, produced 267Hp. Moreover, the S-Cargo has been converted to RWD. -Continued

If you’re wondering what if feels like driving such a compact, tall and lightweight vehicle equipped with a V8 engine, the seller’s description says it all: “Runs and drives mint but you need big balls if you want to give it the berries as its very fast!”

Via: JPCN , Source: Trademe

Man Robs a Bank While Performing a Test Drive!

A 40-year-old man has been accused by Police of robbing a bank while test-driving a used truck! What makes the story even more intriguing is that Marcel Perrot was accompanied by the used car lots salesman when he stopped at a bank near 111th Avenue and Groat Road. Perrot actually told the salesman that he wanted to withdraw cash to pay for the vehicle. Only difference is that Perrot withdrew the cash by force…

When Perrot finished his job at the bank he drove away with the salesman, saying he wanted to show the truck to a friend before buying it. However, the salesman knew something suspicious went on in the bank so when Perrot stopped to put some gas in the car, he took the truck's keys and called 911. However, the suspect realized what the salesman had done and ran away.

Via: Jalopnik , Source: Edmonton

Maserati GranTurismo S High-Res Image Gallery / Wallpapers

Unless you're a Pontiac Aztec fan, we don't believe than anyone will disagree with us when we say that the Pininfarina designed Maserati GranTurismo is one of the most beautiful GTs in the market today. It's even more sensual in the 'S' guise which adds a more powerful 440Hp 4.7 V8 engine and various other mechanical and aesthetic upgrades to the mix. Enjoy the 28 high-res images we added after the jump and why not, pick one to decorate your desktop. -Continued

Video: Alfa Romeo MiTo Sport Hatch

The MiTo is Alfa's first car to be built after the breathtaking 8C Competizione, which by the way, inspired the Italian carmaker’s designers to the point that the subcomact sport hatch looks like a mini version of the supercar. With dimensions of just 4.06 meters long, 1.44 meters high and 1.72 meters wide, the MiTo’s most prominent rival will be the MINI Cooper. You can either click here to see our MiTo gallery that consists of 45 high-resolution images along with the specs or follow the jump and check out the video that includes driving footage as well as exterior and interior studio shots. -Continued

Train Rams Parked BMW in Estonia

We’re not so sure whether this accident is due to human error or mechanical failure (maybe some of our Estonian readers like Henri and Kaarel can help us with this one), but fact is that this train that arrived to the Tallinn station in Estonia from Moscow, Russia, didn’t stop where it was supposed to. As you can see in these pictures from “Delfi”, the train came to a halt just inches away from the Tallinn station building. The owner of the BMW 5-Series that was parked in front of the station wasn’t so fortunate as the train rammed the driver’s side of the car. -More pics after the jump

ics via: Delfi