Ferrari 458 Italia, is that You Hiding Under the Camouflage?

According to the dictionary, "camouflage" is defined as "the disguising of people, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings". Clearly that's not the case with this vinyl wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia that stands out more than a obese man walking on the street with high heels, ankle bracelets and a Peggy Bundy wig.

But seriously now, the military-style 458 Italia was created by a German company called Cam Shaft that specializes in vinyl wraps offering buyers all sorts of choices in colors and patterns including a more discreet matte white finish (see pictures below).

And if you're wondering how it's done -the wrapping- click here to watch a video of a Ferrari F430 receiving a matte black vinyl treatment.

Link: Cam Shaft

2011 Nissan Patrol SUV: Official Photos and Video Leak Online

The all-new 2011 Nissan Patrol must be one of the worst-kept secrets of automotive industry as the first photos of the luxury SUV snapped without any camouflage whatsoever at some sort of presentation made their way onto the web more than a year before its launch.

And it doesn't end there. Today, we found a whole set of official photos as well as a video of the new Patrol -courtesy of a Nissan forum in the Middle East- that you can check out in all their glory after the jump.

The latest generation of the Patrol is Nissan's largest and most capable 4X4 model and it will compete in most markets with the Toyota Land Cruiser. The new Patrol will form the base for the 2011 Infiniti QX (scooped here) which is due to be introduced in North America sometime this year or early 2011.

The Patrol's exterior styling has been modernized adopting several key design cues from the Nissan Terranaut Concept that was shown at the 2006 Geneva Salon.

Even though details about the mechanics remain scarce, the photos confirm earlier reports that the Patrol will be offered with the Nissan group's new 5.6-liter V8 petrol engine that cranks out 420-horsepower in the 2011 Infiniti M56.

The range is also expected to include six-cylinder petrol and diesel units.

Stay tuned on Carscoop as we'll have the full story on the new Patrol on Sunday after it's official presentation at a special event in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Via: Nissan-Arabia