Modded Seat Ibiza STs Coming to Wörthersee Meeting

Spain's Seat will also be making its way to the GTI or shall we call it, the VW Group Meeting in southern Austria next week.

The Spanish automaker said that it will showcase two versions of its recently introduced Ibiza Sports Tourer (ST) model, one with an extensive package of accessories and the other featuring the sportier-looking black fascia of the Ibiza Bocanegra hatchback.

Seat did not release any photos of the two estate models.

The special Ibiza STs will be joined at the event by the Leon Supercopa racer and the so-called... SEAT Grid Girls.


Japan's 213 Motoring Builds the Ultimate Six Hummer H2

For those still living in 2005, 213 Motoring (Japanese tuner Calwing's US division) has got just what you need to get to the prom in style: a supremely decked-out 6-wheeled H2.

The metropolitan tank gets a huge dose of Extenze to fit that extra axle (and super-size the interior), a body kit, a new exhaust system and a dozen extra lights on its nose.

Inside is just what people have come to expect from limousines: leather, plush carpeting, big TV screens, and liquor. Just what you need to get the party started.

By Phil Alex

Via: Jonsibal & 213 Motoring

Money Well Spent: Rolls Royce Ghosts Shredded in Iron Man 2 Were Real [with Video]

There's something to be said for keeping it real. Making a movie? Keep it real. Getting interrogated by the cops? DO NOT KEEP IT REAL.

While it's obvious that a film like Iron Man requires a planet's-worth of special effects, stuff like wrecking cars usually shouldn't. We all saw how poor choice of CGI affected Ithe fourth Indiana Jones movie.

That's why it's refreshing to see that some of the fancy cars destroyed in Iron Man 2 were real. Tony Stark's Rolls-Royce getting destroyed at a race in Monaco was legit (but filmed in California).

Rolls-Royce built two near-identical Phantoms for the filmmakers at $438,000 a pop. According to the New York Times' own Jerry Garrett, one has a cool box in the back and the other doesn't.

To get the cars all destructified, the body panels were stripped off and then rigged with charges. After they were put back on, everything was cleaned up using Bondo and a fine touch. Then it all got blown up.

The final resting place of the wrecked Rollers is a prop warehouse in Downey, California (no relation to the movie star).

On the other side of all this, autoofcars2011.blogspot of the old-school racers provided by the Historic Grand Prix Association were hurt.

Fun facts: "The blue and white Stark Industries race car was driven by the stunt driver Tanner Foust. The yellow Kodak car, the only other vehicle that was capable of running had the driver's name of "Elon Musk" painted on the side. Mr. Musk, the chief executive of Tesla Motors, had allowed the filmmakers to use his SpaceX facility in Hawthorne, Calif., as the site of the film's "Hammer Industries." He also made a cameo appearance in the film." - Jerry Garrett

By Phil Alex

Via: NYT & eGMcartech