Bid On A Hummer H3 And Meet LA Lakers Star Kobe Bryant

On November 25, eBay users will be able to bid on a 2008 H3 Hummer package that includes a meet and greet with Los Angeles Lakers basketball star, Kobe Bryant. All of the proceeds will benefit “After-School All-Stars”, a non-profit organization founded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1992.

“After-School All-Stars” provides after-school programs that include independent learning, academics, and enrichment. The organization’s mission is to keep children safe and help them achieve in school and in life. According to the non-profit organization, nearly 70,000 at-risk youth benefit from these programs in 13 U.S. cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose and South Florida.

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Citroen C-Crosser Dressed by Cobra

To tune or not to tune….Well, we’re not very fond of the Citroen C-Crosser’s appearance and we’re not sure that Cobra’s accessories do anything to help the situation. In any case, the German tuning firm offers several accessories for the new French SUV like the high-gloss stainless steel front bar, a front guard that allows the fitting of additional high beams which are offered as a ready-to-install kit and a custom-made stainless steel grille molding for the standard front bumper. -Continued after the jump

Additionally, Cobra’s line-up for the Mitsubishi Outlander’s French cousin also includes sill tubes; rub strips to protect all four doors against damage from shopping carts or opening doors and a stainless steel sport exhaust system

Furthermore Cobra fits the new Citroen SUV with light alloy wheels in 16- or 17-inch diameter. The most exclusive version is the two-piece Cobra Grenada II 8Jx17 wheel with tires of the dimension 245/55 R 17.

Alfa Romeo Junior “Baptized” Furiosa But The Name Might Not be Used…

Internet users from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain have chosen “Furiosa” out of 12 different names in Alfa Romeo’s naming contest for their new up-market mini car, code-named Junior. “Furiosa” managed to win the hearts of Italians and French users while voters from Japan and Spain preferred “Velvetta”. In Britain, the most popular name was “Fira” and in Germany, “Ventura”. Overall, “Furiosa” managed to receive the most votes.

Oh, we almost forgot; Alfa Romeo might not use the name after all… Or at least that’s what one Fiat Group source advised Brit car magazine, Autocar. “Furiosa doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?” said the unnamed Fiat source. “It’s an interesting place to start the discussion about the car’s eventual name,” he went on, “but don’t be surprised if we call the thing something else altogether. No amount of public pressure will force Alfa to choose a name it isn’t totally happy with.” Something tells us that Alfa won’t be happy

Via: Autocar

Caterham Releases Limited Edition 2008 Calendar

It’s that time of year when car manufacturers release calendars, Christmas tree ornaments, candles and various other non-automotive products to get us into the Christmas (spending) spirit. Caterham on its behalf has announced the release of a limited edition 2008 calendar featuring images of road-going Sevens, like the R400, CSR and Roadsport 125 and wheel-to-wheel racing shots from the various action-packed Caterham race series. Priced at £14.99 ($31 or €21), just 1,000 of these calendars have been printed and are only available to buy through Caterham’s website – -More pics after the jump

More Mitsubishi “i” City Cars Coming To The UK

Despite the spicy pricing which starts at 8.999 GBP ($18,430 or 12,500), Mitsubishi managed to sell the first batch of 300 i-city cars in 2½ weeks – with 50% of second batch already sold before the vehicles even hit UK soil. More than 1,500 units of the four-seater mini car with the rear-mounted engine are already planned for sale in 2008, with more available if sales continue to be strong.

According to a research conducted by Mitsubishi UK, 83% of the i’s buyers were not previously Mitsubishi owners. They also surveyed the key factors influencing the purchase decision. The vehicle’s compact size was the most important factor, with price and high specification coming second. The car’s environmental credentials and styling were also rated in the top 5 reasons.

Brabus Maybach 57 V12 Biturbo Clocks 330 km/h – 205 mph In Nardo

Mercedes-Benz tuning specialist Brabus, has self-proclaimed the supped up Maybach 57 SV12 Biturbo as’s fastest and most exclusive ultra-luxury sedan. Powered by the same 730 Hp V12 biturbo engine as the Mercedes CLS based Brabus Rocket (click here), the Maybach 57 managed to hit a top speed of 330.6 km/h (205.2 mph) on the high-speed test track in Nardo, Italy.-Pics & press release after the jump

Press-Release: The World’s Fastest and Most Exclusive Ultra-Luxury Sedan

A world-record speed of 330.6 km/h (205.2 mph) set on the high-speed test track in Nardo, Italy; BRABUS added to its extensive collection of automotive records with a Maybach 57 powered by a 730-hp (720 hp SAE net) / 537-kW BRABUS SV12 S Biturbo engine. It is the world’s fastest and most exclusive ultra-luxury sedan. The BRABUS engineers and test drivers bested their own record set in 2005 when a Maybach 57 powered by a BRABUS SV12 Biturbo engine with 640 hp (631 hp SAE net) / 471 kW was clocked at 314 km/h (195 mph).

The SV12 S Biturbo evolution of the 6.3-liter displacement engine was originally developed for the BRABUS ROCKET, the four-door car based on the Mercedes CLS series. In October of 2006 it set a speed record for street-legal sedans of 365.7 km/h (227.2 mph), a record that still stands today.

For power increase of the turbocharged Maybach 12-cylinder engine from standard 550 hp (543 hp SAE net) / 405 kW to 730 hp (720 hp SAE net) / 537 kW BRABUS followed its tradition of increasing engine displacement. The BRABUS engineers developed a special crankshaft with longer stroke, precision-balanced piston rods and larger pistons to account for the increased cylinder bore. Displacement grows from standard 5.5 to 6.3 liters (335 to 385 cu. in.).

The inner workings of the engine are modified with precision-machined cylinder heads and special camshafts. The engine peripherals are tuned for more power with the help of a high-performance turbocharging system with special manifolds, two larger turbochargers, more efficient intercoolers, and a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with metal catalysts.

Custom-programmed engine electronics coordinate the perfect interaction of all high-performance components and ensure that the engine meets stringent EURO IV emission limits. The standard 250-km/h (155 mph) speed limit is also eliminated. The peak torque of 1,320 Nm (974 lb-ft) is limited by the engine electronics to 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft).

The enormous power of the BRABUS SV12 S Biturbo engine is transferred to the rear wheels via a reinforced five-speed automatic transmission. For the lubrication of the entire drivetrain BRABUS relies exclusively on ARAL high-performance lubricants.

The top speed of 330.2 km/h (205.2 mph) places enormous demands on tires and wheels. The BRABUS suspension engineers developed forged 21-inch BRABUS Monoblock VI light-alloy wheels specifically for the Maybach. The fully polished multi-piece wheels with six double spokes perfectly fill the space beneath the wheel arches. They are mounted in size 9.0Jx21 in front with size 275/40 R 21 tires, and in size 10.5Jx21 with size 315/35 R 21 tires on the rear axle.

For further increased driving safety the BRABUS air-suspension module lowers the ride height by some 15 millimeters (0.6 inches) without compromising the unique ride comfort.

BRABUS refines the elegant lines of Maybach not just with a lowered ride height and with large wheels. The front of the sedan can be upgraded with two auxiliary headlights that serve as daytime running lights. They are stylishly integrated into the production front apron.

Exclusive BRABUS light design is also available for the sides and the rear of the Maybach: LED lights integrated into the body that illuminate the ground beside and behind the luxury sedan can be activated via the keyless fob. They help avoid unfortunate missteps into potholes or puddles in the dark. The rear of the Maybach is further upgraded with the ultra-flat tailpipes of the BRABUS sport exhaust system.

BRABUS also offers exclusive custom-tailored interiors and state-of-the-art multimedia technology for all Maybach models. Owners of the luxury sedan can choose from the finest leathers and Alcantara in any desired color and design.

Special loving attention to detail is present in the waffle-patterned leather carpeting that alone uses several kilometers of the finest thread, sewn with utmost precision. Custom-tailored BRABUS lambs wool floor mats caress the occupants’ feet.

The BRABUS development team also created additional interesting features for the standard entertainment system of the Maybach. The 16:9 flat screens integrated into the back of the front seats measure 15.2 inches in the BRABUS version (standard: 9 inches). An additional 6-disc DVD changer rounds out the BRABUS multimedia package for the Maybach.

At the push of a button the Maybach transforms into a luxurious office on wheels: The screens the display the computer’s user interface. BRABUS uses a special computer designed for use in a car that is connected to the internet via UMTS. A wireless keyboard and wireless optical gyro mouse make operating the computer easy and convenient. A USB 2.0 port, stylishly integrated into the center console, allows connecting external electronic equipment such as printer or a digital camera.

Audi A5 3.0 V6 TDI 300 Hp by MTM

MTM’s diesel-powered Audi A5 3.0 V6 TDI (dubbed Thunderbolt) hides some serious punch under its relatively discreet looks. The German tuner enhanced the 3.0-liter turbo-diesel unit’s output from 240 HP to 292 HP and torque from 500Nm to 550Nm through a full 3D software revision that optimizes the engine map.

If your ears are up to the challenge, MTM’s 4-pipe rear muffler can boost power to 300 HP. Even though that’s still 54 HP less than the Audi S5, MTM supports that independently tested at Hockenheim, the supped up A5 3.0 V6 TDI cut the S5’s lap time at the Hockenheim race-track by a clear second. -Continued after the jump

In terms of performance, the MTM-tuned A5 diesel sprints from 0 to 100km/h (62 mph) in 5.9sec while achieving a top speed of 265 km/h (165 mph), 15km/h (9 mph) faster than the standard car.

As with all A5 variations, MTM offers what they call, “a perfectly tuned” coilover suspension which, through altered axle geometry, has a higher camber value. The German tuner also upgrades the A5’s braking system with 8-piston fixed calipers and 380x34mm semi-perforated brake discs. According to MTM, with these brakes, the Audi A5 can stop from 100km/h (62 mph) in 35 meters (115 ft.).

In terms of looks, MTM optimizes the A5 by adding the S5’s radiator grille as well as a rear lower bumper portion combined with 4-pipe rear muffler. In regards to wheels, MTM equips the A5 with a set of 21-inch "bimoto" alloy rims covered 295/25 ZR21 rubber.

2008 Honda Civic Type-R Tuned by INGS

Japanese tuning specialist INGS has released a new line of aftermarket accessories for the 2008 Honda Civic Type-R sedan. INGS avoided offering any sort of mods for the 221 PS naturally aspirated K20A 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine, preferring to concentrate on aerodynamic and chassis improvements. -Continued after the jump

The Type-R’s grip is upgraded with the adoption of 18-inch INGS Sports TS06 alloy rims wrapped in Bridgestone POTENZA RE-01R tyres (255/35 R18 Front - 225/40 R18 Rear) along with a new suspension from Endless ZEAL / Function X. Braking power is enhanced Endless 6-pot calipers on the front axle.

Other mods include the 5Zigen muffler, the Takata / MPH-340R seat belts and INGS’ impressive bodykit that consists of new front and rear bumpers, side-skirts and a Jumbo-Jet size rear wing.

Via: Jpcnews , Source: ings

Mercedes Recalling 2008 C-Class Models In The U.S.A.

Faulty rear seat belts are the reason behind a recall of 5,283 2008 MY Mercedes-Benz C-Class models in the USA. According to NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the rear outboard seat belts do not comply with the lap-belt lockability requirement which enables the lap belt portion of the belt to be locked by the user to assist the use of older non-latch design child restraint devices.

Under certain circumstances, this situation may cause the locking mechanism not to perform as required by the standard for use with older non-latch child restraints. The recall will begin in the forthcoming weeks with Mercedes-Benz dealers replacing all potentially affected seat belts free of cost.

Renault Samsung Unveils QM5 SUV – Previews 2008 Renault Koleos SUV

Renault Samsung Motors., the South Korean affiliate of French automaker Renault, unveiled Monday (Nov. 19) its first ever SUV, the QM5 which will go on sale in the domestic market from early December. The same car but with a different grille will also be available under the Renault brand as the Koleos in 2008. The QM5 is based on the underpinnings of the Nissan Qashqai crossover which has proven quite successful in Europe. -Continued after the jump

We remind you that Renault had unveiled a pre-production prototype of the Koleos at the 2006 Paris Motor Show (click here) and of the QM5 at this year’s Seoul Auto Show (click here).

According to Renault Samsung, the QM5 will be built in the company’s Busan plant in South Korea which is capable of producing 100,000 units per year. The QM5 will be initially offered with a 2-liter turbo-diesel engine delivering 173hp while a gasoline version with a 2.5-liter engine will be introduced early next year.

During the launching ceremony in Busan, Renault Samsung Motors CEO Jean-Marie Hurtiger said that the vehicle was “invented by Nissan, styled by Renault and built in South Korea’’ -a direct result of the alliance.

Via: Le Blog Auto , Info: Korea Times

BMW M3 CSL Supercharged Laps The Nurburgring In 7min 22.8 sec!

Yes, that’s 7 minutes and 22.8 seconds or 5 seconds faster than the Pagani Zonda F Clubsport (7:22.82 - see video here)! The car that managed to shame the Zonda is a 2003 BMW M3 CSL fine tuned by the owner Anders Fransson while the driver was Swedish racing star Richard Göransson. Dubbed “Loaded”, the M3 CSL is equipped with a Vortech watercooled supercharger that sends 532.7 HP to the rear-wheels. -Continued after the jump

"The changes made on the car are not that advanced really. It has a supercharger, a rollcage for safety, the weight has been reduced and it has other brakes and suspension. It is an amazing feeling to be able to beat supercars like the Koenigsegg CCR, Pagani Zonda F and Porsche Carrera GT with our M3 CSL," said Fransson.

What’s even more impressive though is that the car’s owner, Anders Fransson will sell the supercharged BMW M3 CSL through a unique bid via the site "It works in the way that the person placing the lowest unique bid gets the car. That means you could place a bid of 2 euro and get the car! It is a great chance for enthusiasts and others to get this very special car for a very special price! It is also a good way for us to repay everyone for all the support we have received in this project," said Fransson.

May the lowest bidder win –whatever than means…

Facts: "Loaded"

The car is approved and inspected by TüV. The engine, with supercharger, produce around 530 rear wheel horse power and is prepared by ESS Tuning in Norway. Brakes and dampers are upgraded and a rollcage has been fitted for safety. The weight of the car has been reduced with carbonfibre parts like the bonnet, fenders, bumpers, doors and roof. Aerodynamic aids like a rear wing and front splitter are mounted to make the car more stable at high speeds.

The modifications and fine tuning have been done by BMW-guru Tom Schirmer at Schirmer Race Engineering in Germany.

BMW M3 CSL E46 2003/07

Weight: 1427 kg, with driver and 30L fuel.
Engine: 3.2 liter straight six with 10,5:1 compression. Vortech watercooled supercharger, extra oilcooling, modified fuelsystem with catchtank.
Output: 532,71 rwhp / 0.85bar / 98 octane
Torque: 483,67 nm / 0.85bar / 98 octane
Driveline: 3:91 differential, sachs sinter clutchkit, 6-speed SMGII gearbox.
Brakes: AP Racing calipers, Performance Friction (PFC) discs and PFC racepads.
Wheels (front): BBS 10x18 ET 40, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup R 265/35/18, 15mm spacer.
Wheels (rear): BBS 11x18 ET 35, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup R 295/30/18, 12mm spacer.
Exhaustsystem: Supersprint lightweight racingsystem with racecats.
Exterior: Carbonfibre hood, boot, roof and fenders.
Interior: Recaro Pole Position raceseats with 6-point harness. FIA-approved lightweight rollcage.

Via: , Source: Loaded

2008 Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R 163 HP

Mitsubishi has revealed the 2008 M.Y. Colt Ralliart Version-R which like the current model (see here), will only be available in Japan. The revised Version-R’s 1.5-litre turbocharged engine has been tweaked to deliver an extra 9 HP, raising total output to 163 HP. Besides that, the Colt Ralliart Version-R also features an updated interior trim, a new gearbox knob and a new set of 16-inch alloy wheels that are 1.5 kg or 3.3 lbs lighter than those they replace. -High-Res image gallery after the jump

Officially-Official: Fiat 500 “Car Of The Year 2008”

As our regular readers already know from Friday’s leak (see here), Fiat’s retro-look 500 has been elected Car of the Year 2008 with 385 votes, ahead of the Mazda 2 (325 votes) and the Ford Mondeo (202). According to the official announcement that was released this morning, Fiat distinguished itself by obtaining votes from most members of the jury: 57 out of 58 included it in their short-list, and 33 made it top in their personal rankings. The award ceremony for Car of the Year 2008, organised by the German magazine Stern, will take place in Berlin on 28 January 2008. -Continued after the jump

This is the second time – the first was the Fiat Panda in 2004 – that an A-segment model has won the prestigious award. Interestingly, the Fiat Group has increased its wins to twelve: the Fiat 124 (1967), Fiat 128 (1970), Fiat 127 (1972), Lancia Delta (1980), Fiat Uno (1984), Fiat Tipo (1989), Fiat Punto (1995), Fiat Bravo/Brava (1996), Alfa 156 (1998), Alfa 147 (2001), Fiat Panda (2004) and the Fiat 500 (2008).

Model – Points

Fiat 500 - 385
Mazda2 - 325
Ford Mondeo - 202
Kia Cee’d - 166
Nissan Qashqai - 147
Mercedes C-Klasse - 128
Peugeot 308 - 97

Ford Verve Sedan Concept Unveiled In China

Along with the production version of the Mazda2 Sedan (click here for details and images), FoMoCo pulled the curtains off the Ford Verve Sedan Concept at this week’s Guangzhou Motor Show in China. Based on the Verve 3door concept which was revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show in September (click here), Ford’s B-Segment sedan concept is identical up to the B-pillar with the hatch while its rear-end is apparently inspired from the liftback version of the new Mondeo. Whereas we loved the 3door Verve concept's looks, we cant say the same about the sedan version. -Continued after the jump

From what we’ve been told, the production version of the Verve Sedan will be introduced during the second-half of 2008, but it remains unknown whether it will be available worldwide or only in developing markets like China, Russia, South America and Eastern Europe.