Wald International Preparing Kits for New Porsche Panamera, BMW 7-Series, Rolls Royce Ghost, Infiniti M / Fuga and Jaguar XJ

Looks like 2010 will be a busy year for Wald International, the Japanese tuner known for its huge collection of aggressive body kits. Among other projects, Wald International is working on the development of exterior packages for five brand-new luxury sedan models, the 2011 BMW 7-Series, 2011 Infiniti M / Nissan Fuga (JDM), 2011 Jaguar XJ, Porsche Panamera and the new 'baby' Rolls Royce, the Ghost.

Despite the fact that the Japanese tuning firm has only released one teaser shot of each saloon, we can tell that the packages include new bumpers, spoilers, rocker panels, larger alloy wheels and suspension kits.

We'll bring you all the details on Wald International's new tuning proposals as soon the company launches the products.

'Smart' Volkswagen In Micro Car Concept Crafted by VW Brazil Design Interns

[Update: Unfortunately, VW requested the removal of the photos of the student project, but you can still get a glimpse of the micro car study in the video above]

Over the years, we've featured a great number of studies from independent and amateur designers as well from students here on Carscoop. However, what you see pictured here isn't one of your common photoshop / renderings but a real life concept model that was created by a team of interns at Volkswagen Design Brazil.

Named VW In, the conceptual study is the result of the combined efforts of Kauré Martins, Rogério Okabe, Guilherme Motta and Wadson Gomes Amorim (winners of the "Talento Volkswagen Design 2008") under the supervision of Oscar Mendoza and Marilia Biill.

The micro car was developed throughout 2009 and was displayed for the first time at a special event in Brazil this past December.

The goal was to create a Smart Fortwo-sized/like mini capable of accommodating two people plus some luggage in similar comfort to the VW Fox supermini.

The team came up with several proposals to power the 2.48 meter (97.6-in.) long car including VW's current 1.0-liter engine and various two-cylinder units (inline, V-shaped and boxer versions), all mounted at the rear, plus a plug-in version equipped with four in-wheel electric motors.

The vehicle's design is simple, but in a cool, 'Apple' sort of way, and is heavily influenced by the Volkswagen Up! concept series.

The main question we would like to pose here is whether or not a vehicle of this type and size could have a future in VW's range, especially after the presentation of the forthcoming 3+1 seater Up!. Have your say in the comment section below.

Volkswagen IN Concept: Product Description

Project developed by the interns of Volkswagen Design Brazil, winners of the "Talento Volkswagen 2008" contest. Aimed at developing the professional, creative and entrepreneur skills. Bringing fresh ideas to the company and a new mobility proposal.

We live in a time of changes in man-object relations. People wear not only with clothes, but with everything they consumes, seeing beyond the physical atmosphere of the products to absorb their values and concepts.

The proposal of Volkswagen IN is to align global trends for the development of the automotive industry, thinking of a car for nowadays that aims to minimize the traffic-jam of big cities, applying the concepts of sustainability and customization, creating a compact and versatile car, that fills most of the needs through creative solutions and especial materials.

Bringing the successful concept of the Volkswagen FOX called "Designed Around the Passenger", this project try to went a step forward, creating a 2.5 meters car for two people plus luggage, with the same comfort of the Volkswagen FOX, but with a clever use of each free space inside this, optimizing the relations between one person and the size which a car need to have to transport him.

This micro car takes advantages of the plug-in hybrid Technologies and in-wheels electric engines to provide even more inner space, and moreover this project contemplates the use of a small combustion engine fueled by ethanol, getting closer to the reality of small developing countries.

Innovating in an automotive product is not only to create an attractive shape, but also to rethink the solution for problems caused by this product. Acting effectively on solutions for the society, environment and mobility, considering individual desires of each customer, is the best way for a successful product.

Despite of the age or the needs of each user, this car is the answer for all those who increasingly are concerned with saving time and the environment.

Authors: Kauré Martins, Rogério Okabe & Guilherme Motta

First Video of the 2011 Volvo S60 Sedan on the Road and the.... Desert

It won't be long before we see the all-new Volvo S60 sedan in the flesh as the Swedish firm is planning to launch its Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series competitor at the 2010 Geneva Show in March, but just to keep us on our toes, the company has released an action video of the car on the road and the desert. It will be followed by two more promotional films by mid February.

Production of the sleek-looking four-door sedan model will start in early summer at the Volvo Cars plant in Ghent, Belgium.

Volvo hasn't issued specific details on the car that's based on the 2009 Detroit Show S60 Concept, but it is believed that it will make use of the company's smaller in size and more fuel efficient, turbocharged gasoline engines with direct-injection including the recently revealed 2.0 GTDI with 203HP and a 1.6-liter four pot with up to 180HP.

Bespoke Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster in Matte Black [with Video]

You'd assume that a supercar like the Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster of which only 50 examples were ever built, is so special and rare that its owner would think more than twice before attempting even the slightest customization. Apparently that didn't apply to the Beverly Hills owner of the No2/50 Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster.

As soon as he took possession of the rare Italian supercar, the owner went ahead and transformed the Raging Bull model according to his taste.

All 50 Murcielago LP650-4 Roadsters were finished in a gray shade accented by orange styling touches, something that the owner didn't like. The supercar was stripped down to the metal and the complete interior was removed in order to apply a matte black paint job with gloss black highlights.

The roadster was also fitted with a set of custom made, 19-inch GFG three-piece forged alloy wheels with a glossy black outer lip, matte black center and orange highlights. The rims are shod in Pirelli P-Zero 245/30/19 front and 355/25/19 rear tires.

Other mods include a one-of-a-kind audio system with Focal Utopia KIT 7 component 3-way speakers that are powered by two Alpine PDX series amplifiers totaling over 1600 watts of power, and an Escort SRX radar detector with the main controller mounted on the center console.

The bespoke Lambo keeps the factory model's 6.5-liter V12 mid-mounted engine with 650HP intact.

Via: Autogespot


Pininfarina Teases Alfa Romeo Spider Concept Ahead of Geneva Show

In celebration of its own 80th anniversary and Alfa Romeo's 100th birthday, famous Italian design house Pininfarina announced that it will be unveiling a new roadster concept model at this year's Geneva Salon on March 2.

Pininfarina said in a statement that the two seater concept car will blend modern with vintage styling cues from classic Alfa Romeo Spiders of the past. Aside from the teaser sketch seen above, the Italian company did not release any other images or details on the roadster model.

VIDEO: Sticky... Dump Truck Bed Slams Into Pedestrian Bridge in Turkey!

We don't know if this dumpster's truck bed hydraulics were affected by a similar problem to Toyota's sticky accelerators or if the driver simply forgot to check the bed on his vehicle, but either way, the dump truck caused a huge mess in Turkey when it slammed into a pedestrian bridge over the highway.

The accident happened on Monday, January 25 and it was caught on tape by a surveillance camera.

Amazingly, even though there were three people on the bridge at the time of the impact, only one person - you can see him on the left side of the bridge- sustained injuries, fortunately, not life threatening. Hit the jump for the video.

Kudos to Maria for the find!

Toyota Announces Details on Recalled European Models, Says up to 1.8 Million Vehicles May Be Affected by Sticky Accelerator

Less than 24 hours after Toyota Motor Europe announced that it would be investigating potential accelerator pedal issues on its European models, the Japanese automaker released details on the affected vehicles. The recall involves a total of eight models. These are listed below:

-AYGO (Feb 2005 – Aug 2009)
-iQ (Nov 2008 – Nov 2009)
-Yaris (Nov 2005 – Sep 2009)
-Auris (Oct 2006 – 5 Jan 2010)
-Corolla (Oct 2006 – Dec 2009)
-Verso (Feb 2009 – 5 Jan 2010)
-Avensis (Nov 2008 – Dec 2009)
-RAV4 (Nov 2005 – Nov 2009)

The company said that precise number of involved units is still under investigation, but may reach up to a total of 1.8 million vehicles in the Old Continent, adding that no Lexus or other Toyota models are affected by the recall to solve a potential accelerator pedal issue.

"Toyota's policy is to put its customers first, in all circumstances", said Tadashi Arashima, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe.

"We understand that the current situation is creating concerns, and we deeply regret it. We would also like to reassure customers: the potential accelerator pedal issue only occurs in very rare circumstances. The announced action is a preventive measure aimed to guarantee the highest safety standards to all customers."

According to Toyota, there is a chance that certain accelerator pedal mechanisms on the affected models may, in rare instances, mechanically stick in a partially depressed position or return slowly to the idle position

Toyota said that the issue is caused because the accelerator pedal mechanisms concerned may become worn.

The Japanese automaker added that only a limited number of incidents have been reported in Europe, and that the company is not aware of any accident resulting from this issue.

Earlier this week, Toyota suspended sales of eight vehicles in the U.S. due to the sticky accelerator problem while the firm also added another 1.1 million vehicles to last fall's recall of 4.3 million vehicles in the USA.

VIDEO: New Audi A7 Caught Testing with BMW 7-Series in Norway

A pair of camouflaged prototypes of the upcoming Audi A7 were spotted testing outside the city of Oslo in Norway. The A7s appear to be accompanied by an A5 Sportback, a BMW 7-Series and one more car that we couldn't identify. The A7 is to the next-generation A6 what the A5 Sportback is to the A4 / A5 models; a sexier looking and less practical five-door variant (notice the open hatch in the video) of the A6 with seating for four.

Designed to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CLS that will soon enter its second generation, the A7 shares its steel-reinforced aluminium platform and mechanical hardware with the next A6.

The A7 though will arrive first as Audi has already made it official that it will launch the sporty-looking saloon onto the market in the second half of 2010.

Power will come from a variety of gasoline and diesel engines including the firm's supercharged 3.0-liter V6 TFSI petrol, while rumor has it that Audi will expand the range in 2011 with a gasoline-electric hybrid model.

Via: DN TV

What if Citroen Made a C3 Crosser out of the Mitsubishi ASX?

Given the close relationship between the Peugeot Citroen PSA group and Mitsubishi that has already given birth to the Outlander-based Citroen C Crosser and Peugeot 4007 SUVs, we wouldn't be surprised if Theophilus Chin's photoshop proposal for a Citroen C3 Crosser model based on Mitsubishi's 'baby' crossover model, the all-new ASX, becomes a reality in a couple of years.

'ASX' is the name that Mitsubishi chose for the European version of the JDM RVR that will have its world premiere at this year's edition of the Geneva Motor Show in early March.

Via: Theophilus Chin

VIDEO: New BMW 335is in Detail and in Action at the Estoril Race Track

Here's your chance to get a look at the North America-only BMW 335is Coupe in motion at the media presentation that took place at the Estoril race track in Portugal. If you follow the jump, you'll find two videos, one that includes a walk around the sporty coupe that nests between the 2011 335i and the M3, and the other with some driving impressions from the circuit.

The newest model in the facelifted 3-Series range packs an upgraded, twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six with 320HP and 332 lb-ft of torque (370 lb-ft with overboost) mated to either six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual gearboxes.

The high-performance 335is Coupe will go on sale in the United States in June at an MSRP of $50,525, or about $7,000 more than the 2011 335i Coupe that's powered by a new single-turbocharged 3.0-liter straight-six with 300HP.

Via: BMWblog & Bimmerpost

First 2010 Chevy Camaro Convertible Arrives in Middle East

We're still more than a year away from the launch of the convertible version of the new Chevy Camaro, yet a luxury car dealership in Abu Dhabi called 'Princesscar' has put on sale what they describe to be the first drop top example of GM's muscle car to arrive in the Middle East.

However, since the odds of GM having supplied the Middle Eastern dealer with the yet to be revealed in production guise Camaro SS Convertible are less than the probabilities of discovering alien life in our solar system, we'll just assume that this example was built by an independent coachbuilder like NCE or Drop Top Customs. More pics after the jump.

Hat tip to George.L! Link: Princesscar

Designer Attempts to Create a 21st Century Ford Model T

Even though it's been more than century since the original Ford Model T revolutionized the world of transportation by bringing motoring to the masses, the iconic 'Tin Lizzy' continues to inspire designers up until these days.

With the goal of creating a modern-day car that shares the simplicity and other qualities as well as certain design elements with the original Model T, Brazilian designer Eduardo Oliveira came up with this compact crossover.

Oliveira's well executed design does bring to mind the Model T from certain angles (in a much more convincing way than the winners of Ford's Model T competition in 2008), but we could do without the gaudy front grille.

Styling elements that hark back to the original model include the pronounced wheel arches that encompass the wheels that are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle as well as the opposite angle of the lower part of the rear hatch that houses the spare tire.

Designed to be around 4.2 meters or 165-inches in length, the five-seater crossover model gets suicide-style rear doors and two exterior storage compartments located on either side of the bumper.

The designer said that the modern-day Model T could be equipped with a four-cylinder gasoline engine or better yet, a hybrid drivetrain.

Via: Irmaododecio