Heuliez Macarena – Peugeot 407 Sedan-Cabrio

FRENCH coachbuilder Heuliez which specializes in producing short series models for niche markets such as convertible or station-wagons is going to present the Macarena Concept in Geneva.

The success of coupe-cabrio models such as the Opel Tigra TwinTop and the Peugeot 206 CC in Europe, (both designed by Heuliez), drove the French company into developing a sedan-cabrio edition of the new Peugeot 407.

The study is called Macarena and features a glaas top roof system that opens with a push of a button, transforming the sedan to a 4door-cabrio. The electro-hydraulic system opens the 3 piece roof in less than 30sec, storing it inside the boot. When that happens, the volume of the boot is limited to 300 litres.

It should be stated that Heuliez is talking with several automakers that are interested in using this innovative roof system in there sedans.