Audi A1 Official Renderings?

The online version of Brit magazine Car supports that it has obtained official design sketches of Audi's forthcoming mini, the A1. We have no way of affirming the Brits, so for the time being, we’ll just have to take Car’s word on it. Judging from these sketches, the Audi A1’s design is a tad less aggressive than we were expecting, but not to the point that we don’t like it.

Audi has already confirmed that the A1 will go into production at the VW Group’s Brussels plant starting from the last quarter of 2009. The A1 will be offered with a wide range of turbocharged engines including 1.4TSI (122 and 140Hp) and 1.8 TSFI (170Hp) petrol units (the later probably with an S1 badge) along with a 2.0TDI diesel available with 140 and 170Hp. There is also speculations around a RS1 version equipped with the 200Hp 2.0TFSI. -Continued: Click “Read More…” below

Via: Car