Mercedes-Benz Recalling... Recalled 1998-2003 M-Class SUVs

Mercedes-Benz M-ClassIf not a first, Mercedes-Benz’s action to issue a second recall on the same vehicle because the earlier repair performed on the specific model may not have been sufficient, is something definitely out of the ordinary. In particular, Merc will ask 102,954 owners of MY 1998-2003 M-Class models in the U.S. to bring their SUVs to the company’s dealers to repair a clamp used to secure the power steering fluid cooling hose to the power steering fluid cooler. -Continued

According to information posted on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's official web site, the clamp may not provide enough force for this connection leading to the loss of power steering fluid which in turn could result in diminished power steering over time. To put it simple, you’ll need a professional weightlifter’s muscles to turn the steering wheel with ease.

The agency said that all M-Class vehicles repaired prior to November 15, 2003, will be repaired again with the new recall expected to begin during October 2008. If you happen to have any questions, you can contact Mercedes Benz directly at 1-800-367-6372.