Toyota Begins leasing its Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicle for $7,700 a month

Toyota FCHV-adv Fuel-Cell HybridWith the lease term for Toyota’s next-generation fuel cell hybrid vehicle set at 30 months at a cost of 840,000 yen or about $7,700 per month, the experimental FCHV-adv isn’t for you everyday Joe. So it’s no surprise that Toyota announced that it has begun leasing the FCHV-adv to Japan's Ministry of the Environment. The Japanese automaker said that it also plans to lease the fuel-cell hybrid model to other national government entities, local governments and companies in or related to the energy industry. -Continued

Japan's top automaker, which has already won the bet with its petrol-electric hybrids, will use the lease vehicles to obtain real-world feedback for further development, including efforts to improve the durability and reduce the cost of its proprietary high-performance polymer electrolyte fuel cell, the Toyota FC Stack. You can read more details about the FCHV-adv by clicking here.