Motor Trend: The Blogs got it All Wrong with the Honda Accord Crosstour's Design

One of our readers brought to our attention a rather intriguing review of the new Honda Accord Crosstour from Motor Trend magazine. To make a long story short, the author of the article, Kim Reynolds, says that "we blogs" and "you internet users" got it all wrong about the Accord Crosstour, which according to him, is -ahem, cough, cough- "a pleasant visual adventure".

And there's more from where that came from. Here's what Reynolds wrote on Motor Trend:

"Guess what, automotive blogosphere, Honda's Accord Crosstour is not the design catastrophe you so deliriously predicted."

"Prior to the new Crosstour's traditional introduction, Honda, rather innocently, released early images of the Crosstour on Facebook. However, these social networks can often be less than sociable gatherings."

"Snap a finger, and a bunch of collegial car-loving "friends" can transform into a pack of frenzied piranhas. And on their menu last September was the complicated-looking Crosstour, which was spilling blood in the water even before it was properly introduced to the mainstream press."

And for all of you "collegial car-loving friends" and "frenzied piranhas" that dared to express your opinion and are now seeking answers, fear not, because pastor Reynolds will lead you to the path of understanding.

Reyonold writes: "In my humble opinion, the miscalculation with the Crosstour's Facebook moment was that its shape is so complex, so unusual, it's almost impossible to accurately convey to a 2D audience (even here in this story)".

"The car almost refuses to be photographed; it needs to be physically pondered on two moving feet, watching the surfaces blend and emerge as you change perspective."

And Motor Trend lived happily ever after....

You, our readers on the other hand, are invited to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Link: Motor Trend - Kudos to Greg for the tip!