New Porsche 911 GT3 R Racer with 4.0-liter Boxer Unveiled at Autosport International show

Today, Porsche celebrated the world debut of its new 911 GT3 R racing car at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, UK. A further development of the 911 GT3 Cup that was presented in September for one-make cup racing, the new 'R' model replaces the 911 GT3 Cup S in Porsche Motorsports' model range fully complying with the FIA GT3 regulations.

The GT3 R, which tips the scales at just 1,200 kg (2,646 lb), features a larger 4.0-liter (instead of 3.8-liters) six-cylinder boxer engine than the Cup model delivering 480 horsepower (+30HP) and other technical developments designed to improve the performance of the car further still.

These include an anti-lock braking system, traction control and an electronic throttle with 'blip' function on gearbox down-changes that are said to make it much easier for drivers to get used to the GT3 R race car than the prior Cup S model.

Porsche says that the new car is also more appropriate for the ambitious amateur racing driver rather than purely experienced professionals.

The GT3 also comes with additional flared wheel arches front and rear while to improve aerodynamics, the underbody of the car is completely covered and features a rear diffuser. Furthermore, compared to the prior Cup S model, the range of adjustment on the rear wing has been increased.

The fully adjustable suspension system comprises of height-adjustable McPherson struts with variable SACHS two-way shock absorbers and double coil springs up front and a rigidly mounted sub-frame with a height-adjustable multi-arm axle together with adjustable SACHS two-way shock absorbers and double coil springs at the back.

The base price of the 911 GT3 R is 279,000 Euros plus local sales tax/VAT with first deliveries to customer teams expected to begin in the spring. However, Porsche says that almost all cars for 2010 have been spoken for.

"Since we announced our intention to launch the 911 GT3 R, demand has been huge," said Uwe Brettel, Head of Porsche Motorsport Sales. "The number of GT3 R vehicles we had planned for 2010 is almost sold out."