Rumorville: BMW Gran Coupé Concept Coming with 6-Series Badge in 2012

An unnamed BMW source has allegedly told British car magazine Autocar that the Bavarian firm's Gran Coupé sports sedan concept will enter production in the second quarter of 2012. Furthermore, the BMW insider said that the production model will most likely carry a 6-series badge.

If true, we're guessing that the sedan will also bear a second moniker in the likes of the 5-Series GT to avoid confusing with the two-door coupe and convertible models of the 6-Series.

The five-meter long Gran Coupé Concept sports sedan was revealed on the sidelines of the Beijing Auto Show in April, in almost production-ready form. It's BMW's proposal in the increasingly popular "four-door coupe" market with rivals such as the Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz CLS and the forthcoming Audi A7.

If you dislike the term "four-door coupe" think of the 6-Series GT or whatever else BMW decides to call it as a sharper-looking 5-Series with a slopping roof.

Since the Gran Coupé shares the same platform with the standard 5-Series there shouldn't be any surprises under the hood if it enters production, so expect the same range of straight-six and V8 petrol and diesel engines.