Truck Spills 2,000,000 Euros on the Road, Italian Motorists Coin it in...

Italian motorists hit a mobile jackpot on Monday when a truck carrying some 2 million euros or about US$2,5 million at today's exchange rates in €1 and €2 coins overturned and spilled most of its contents on the road after blowing a tire and hitting another car on the A114 highway near Foggia, in southern Italy.

Passing drivers seized the opportunity and pulled over on the motorway literally risking their lives to clean the road from the coin-debris. Unfortunately, their motivation was nothing more than unadulterated greed.

According to Italian press reports on the incident, fast acting motorists made off with at least €10,000 (around US$12,500) before the police arrived at the scene.

Luckily, the truck's driver and one passenger suffered only minor injuries from the accident.

Source: AP