Merdad's Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe in the Flesh

Back in September, we reported on the custom-built Porsche Cayenne 902 Coupe that lost two-doors, courtesy of Merdad. Now, the UK-based tuning firm brought to our attention some real life shots of the SUV, which had its world premiere at last month's MPH The Prestige & Performance Motor Show in London.

Starting with the latest generation of the Porsche Cayenne, Merdad chops off the SUV's rear doors and proceeds with the necessary changes to the rest of the body. A comprehensive styling kit with aero parts and a choice of black or silver colored 22-inch alloy wheels along with an electronic lowering module are then added to the 902 Coupe.

The interior of the two-door Cayenne is swathed in black leather and red Alcantara, plus unique trim and a new steering wheel.

Being a custom build, Medrad also improves the Porsche's performance offering various upgrades for the Turbo model (550bhp to 750bhp), with the most potent version boasting a 0-60mph sprint time of 4.4 seconds.