Chevrolet Camaro Concept-design timeline

GM released official pictures from the Chevrolet Camaro concept, where they show us how the car was developed from sketch to reality. It should be mentioned that according to GM sources, the car we saw at the Detroit Show was their second interpretation of the model. The story has it that while GM executives had the car ready in July, they decided to have a “private” sneak preview of the concept. The special guest’s (not from GM) who saw the car, told Tom Peters, director of design for GM’s global rwd performance cars, the it was a little too retro for their taste. Obviously, that had an impact to GM people who went back to design board.

Another interesting story that came from Autoweek is that GM is revising its rear wheel platform plans. Below is a part from the Autoweek story:

GM revived its rwd plans late last summer after halting efforts to develop North American vehicles on Zeta last winter. Last winter, GM executives said that the initial plan for the Zeta vehicles was not workable but pledged to develop a new strategy. Possible Zeta vehicles included the Buick Velite concept, Pontiac GTO and Impala.

Stefanyshyn would not reveal the entire lineup under consideration but said the next-generation Impala "is a possibility." GM's styling studio has prepared both rear- and front-drive versions of the next Impala, according to an industry source who did not want to be identified. The engineering of the new group of vehicles will be handled by GM's Holden subsidiary in Australia, which built the Holden Monaro that is the basis for the current Pontiac GTO.

The architecture will debut in the second half of this year on a redesigned Holden model. GM also is considering a rwd model for China. Stefanyshyn was named vehicle line executive for the Zeta architecture a year ago. After the program stalled, he canceled plans to move to Australia. Now that the program has been revived, he will relocate to Australia in February and restart the vehicle development program for North America.

Long wheelbases

GM vehicles on the global rwd architecture will have long wheel-bases and short overhangs. All-wheel drive will be available. The Camaro and Velite, a convertible concept introduced at the 2004 New York auto show, demonstrate the possibilities for the architecture.Stefanyshyn says the global rwd architecture can be used for a wide range of vehicles. Vehicles will be assembled in Australia and North America.But Opel no longer is considering such a car, says Hans Demant, managing director of Adam Opel AG. Says Demant: "It is just too big" for Europe.

GM GROUP Rear Wheel Drive candidates

  • Buick Velite convertible
  • Buick flagship sedan
  • Pontiac Grand Prix
  • Redesigned Pontiac GTO
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Chevrolet Impala