Opel GT

After a long period of wait, Opel is returning to it’s heritage resurrecting the famous GT at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The original model, produced between 1968 to 1973 sold over 100.000 units

That, of course, is what the official press release say’s as the new GT model is in fact, another version of the Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky models. Opel’s version will draw much closer to the Sky as this model was designed in collaboration with both the German and American teams. The new GT remains faithful to its predecessor having a front engine-rear wheel platform. What is not known up till now, is which engines the Opel GT will get. Inisde info leads us to believe that the GT will get a 1.8 (140 hp) and two or more, 2.0 Turbo engines (175, 200 & 240 hp).