Citroen C4 Sedan coming to Europe in 2009

C-Triomphe is a forerunner to the car that will be launched in Europe in 2009 under the name C4 Sedan. Unveiled in China at the end of February, C-Triomphe goes on show in the Madrid Auto Salon for the first time in Europe, in a country where three-box vehicles are particularly popular.

Based on the C4 but with a longer wheelbase, this modern, original vehicle boasts all the characteristics and innovations that have made the C4 a success, while gaining an elegant notchback body style for remarkable interior space. C-Triomphe is a reference in its market in terms of rear space (leg room) and boot volume (513 litres, VDA standard).

Citroen previews two new editions of the C4 & C5 in Madrid

The C4 with a 6-speed electronic gearbox system

Premiered on the C4 and mated to the HDi 110 DPFS engine, the 6-speed electronic gearbox system is of an entirely new design.

This highly driveable engine boasts a range of advantages. Electro-hydraulic gearbox control makes for smooth, fast gear changing. At the same time, automated gear and clutch management cuts fuel consumption by between 3% and 5%, compared with a conventional manual gearbox.

This new gearbox therefore provides a real alternative to manual and automatic transmissions, not only in terms of driveability and comfort, but also in terms of fuel economy and a particularly attractive customer price. It joins the long list of innovative equipment available on the C4, for safety, convenience and on-board comfort.

A vehicle of innovative design and features that has picked up an array of prizes (including "World Car Design 2006" at the recent New York International Motor Show), the C4 is enjoying considerable market success. More than 350,000 vehicles have been sold to date.

The C4 HDi 110 DPFS equipped with the new 6-speed electronic gearbox system will be available from June 2006.

The C5 HDi 173 DPFS

The C5 range has gained a new HDi diesel engine developing 173 bhp DIN (125 kW or 170 bhp EEC), equipped with a particulate filter (DPFS) and mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

Featuring a range of innovations (parallel sequential dual turbo and new combustion and injection systems), the new engine sets high standards in power and, above all, driveability, particularly at low engine speeds. It also stands out for its environmental performance (Euro IV + DPFS) and fuel economy.
This high-performance engine makes its market debut on the C5 from June 2006.

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