Fiat presents a new line of custom made mobile phones

Fiat are set to become a manufacturer of 'high-technology' goods as they begin rolling out a range of Fiat-branded mobiles phones this month. These exclusive phones include all the technology that mobile phone consumers demand such as an MP3 reader, digital photo and video camera and cinema facility.

The new Fiat-branded range of mobile phones are proudly emblazoned with the Fiat logo in finished in the traditional dark blue colours of the historic brand and bodied in a simple 'cold' aluminium. They are embedded with the latest technology including internet browsing, music (MP3) playback, email, digital camera and video, photo albums and Bluetooth. Fiat have already invested in rolling Bluetooth capability across their auto range and a new integrated service, Blue&Me, developed in partnership with Microsoft was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The evolution from cars to mobile phones is clearly demonstrated in the thinking that has led to the presentation of the new range of phones. While the aluminium finish of the actual phones themselves emphasise an association with the traditional aluminium of a car engine, the phones will be displayed in the retail outlets in distinctive display cases that enclose them in four clear cylindrical tubes that are also reminiscent of the pistons of a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine. The phones are mounted on top of a set of polished aluminium pistons that sit at different in positions in the tubes which correspond in pairs, just as they would in an engine application.

Emphasising the leisure but also useful and robust nature of their new mobiles phones, certain models will be waterproofed models making them ideal for the casual surfer or full water-sports enthusiast. The full range of new phones will be available in selected designer 'concept' stores and boutiques across Italy this month, and then around Europe during the summer period.

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