2009 Mercedes C-Class: Official… Scoops

Following the official spy video of Mercedes upcoming C-class (to be unveiled on January the 18th) we now have official spy shots which include pics of the exterior, interior, chassis and... a German mustache man.

Mercedes is testing the holy god out of the new C-class dragging it trough a series of vigorous test-rig programs in over 24 million test kilometers. Testing of the new C-Class began in the summer of 2003. 280 prototypes completed regular non-stop tests conducted under various terrains and weather conditions.

In other words, the new C-class is being dragged through hell and back to see if it can withstand this new generation of abusive drivers and speed demons -sort of like the eloquent German mustache man pictured here. See how he handles the steering in a gentle yet masculine manner... Posted by Dani

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