Honda to debut concept versions of Jazz / Fit & Stream at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2007

Talk about workaholics; about a month after Honda presented two concepts at the LA Show (Honda Remix & Acura ASC) and another two at the Detroit Show (Honda Accord Coupe & Acura ASCC) the Japanese carmaker announced that it’ll present another three concepts at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 (January 12-14, 2007)! Still wondering why they’re so successful…

Press Release - Fit / Jazz Daily Active Concept: A small car designed to respond to the needs of today’s portable telephone and video game-oriented youth and add a touch of excitement to everyone’s lives. Cameras and sensors are fitted on the exterior of the vehicle to help reduce blind spots. LED daytime running lights on the bumpers and lower skirts provide increased visibility from other users on the road. On the inside, welcome lighting and a 3-mode illumination system that allows occupants to select interior lighting color from three choices add to the relaxed atmosphere. The vehicle can also be equipped with a portable, ‘go-anywhere’ AVN entertainment system combining navigation, game, inter-communication and audio-visual functions for use inside and outside the vehicle. This AVN can fit on the instrument panel or on the front seat headrests. An aroma diffuser is also available to add personalized scent to the interior.

Stream Hyper Sport Concept: This medium-sized minivan combines an exciting driving experience with an interior full of entertainment features. Formed around a ”Sculpted by the Wind” theme, the exterior has been designed for optimum aerodynamic performance. The vehicle is also equipped with a mobile communication-compatible AVN driving information system and an individual entertainment system allowing each passenger to enjoy personalized audio and visual entertainment, for even more enjoyable travel (pics bellow)

Stream Exclusive Concept: This medium-sized minivan offers a glimpse of what ‘premium’ could mean in the near future. The exterior has been designed to portray the image of an uptown cruiser. An overall design made of contrasting shapes, the clever use of molds and the play of light on body lines combine to give a modern feeling of refinement and quality. The interior has been designed into an airy lounge space with the rear two rows of seats replaced by a single one for increased space and comfort. LED-illuminated full leather lounge seats, 17-inch-wide screens and a high quality sound system together provide an exceptionally comfortable and stimulating audio and visual experience. (pics bellow)

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