Burnt Rubber Never Smelled So Good: Kumho presents world’s first fragrant automotive tires

Aromatic tires? I dare not to ask what they’ll think of next. According to Kumho, the ECSTA DX Aroma tire is a world’s first and it was manufactured to target female drivers with vehicles such as the Accord, Camry and Taurus. The ECSTA DX Aroma tires project a fragrant from the placement of heat-resistant oils that come in various scents such as lavender, orange and jasmine. In addition to providing a pleasant “non-burnt rubber smell”, the ECSTA was designed to deliver lower noise levels and ride characteristic equivocal to name brand tires. –Continued Click “Read More…” below

I wonder how potent these aromas are though. Lavender and Jasmine are nice. However, I wouldn’t want to smell them all day every day. I guess it would be beneficial to those occasional homicides of a skunk. But then again, the skunk smell will eventually go away. Will the lavender? Posted by Dani

Via: The Driving Woman

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PRESS RELEASE: KUMHO Introduces World's First "Aroma Tire" For Select Passenger Vehicles

Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. — KUMHO Tire USA, announces the introduction of the world’s first fragrance automotive tire, the ECSTA DX. The project is the “fruition” of more than a year’s worth of research and development to deliver an alluring aroma tire that replaces the normal “black rubber” smell with heat-resistant oils in the scent of lavender, and in later versions, neroli (orange) or jasmine. Visitors to www.kumhotireusa.com can find the nearest dealer and TireRack.com will ship them for installation.

According to Rick Brennan, Brand Director for KUMHO, the company is selling the DX aroma tire to help build brand awareness and highlight KUMHO’s tire technology expertise in the highly competitive automotive marketplace. The tire is targeted at female consumers who drive such sedans as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Subaru Outback, Chrysler Sebring and Ford Taurus.

In addition to a unique aroma, the ECSTA DX is engineered to deliver low noise levels and ride characteristics on par with the leading tire brands. Ride comfort is maintained throughout the life of the tire through the use of tread elements designed to provide uniform linear stiffness. Optimized pitch sequence and variable pitch lengths help minimize noise, while a straight center rib provides high-speed stability.

The DX features four wide grooves that help evacuate water, while a silica compound improves all-weather performance and wet traction. High tensile steel belts and a jointless nylon cap ply also help improve noise, ride comfort and durability, while an undertread reduces unwanted heat buildup for consistent performance.

The ECSTA DX Aroma tire will be sold through TireRack com starting in the first quarter of 2007 in three sizes: 205/60R16 (MSRP $119), 215/60R16 (MSRP $125) and 235/60R16 (MSRP $138). The tires can be delivered and affixed to passenger vehicles at a KUMHO tire dealer.