May the force be with you: Obi Kenobi’s Honda Civic del Sol

Shawn Crosby, aka Obi-Shawn, is the mastermind and creator of this spaced out ’95 Honda Civic del Sol Si that’s been converted into an approximation of an A-wing (the delta-shaped fighter that stared in Return of the Jedi). The replication includes side-mounted laser cannons with electrified plasma balls, light saber rack, authentic Rebel Alliance flight and blue under-chassis lighting.
A facsimile of R2-D2's head pokes out of the trunk and makes “droidish” beeps and whistles. This sound effect was achieved my stripping t
he voice out of an action figure. Behind the dash you’ll find a Mini-ITX motherboard with DVD-ROM and a 60-Mbyte PhatNoise PhatBox MP3 server. I wonder what kind of influence this would have on a police officer stopping you for speeding: “Never mind kid, you’re weird, just go.” Posted by Dani
Via: Motorpasion & Wired

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