Anteros Coupe & Roadster: 2009 Corvette-Based Sportscar on Sale from $149,500

California based custom coachbuilder 'n2a Motors' has announced today that it is taking orders for its latest model, the Anteros that was first displayed at the 2008 Los Angeles International Auto Show. Available in both coupe and roadster body styles, the Anteros is built on the 2009 Corvette and features a body styling reminiscent of Italian, British and American designs. The turnkey Anteros Coupe and Roadster models with the 430 hp /424 lb.-ft. torque LS3 V8 start at $149,500 and $154,500 respectively while the Coupe built on the Corvette Z06 start at $176,500.

Buyers can also opt for various performance packages ranging from 525-1000+ horsepower. For example, the silver coupe seen in these photos is based on a 2009 Corvette Z06 and is modified with Lingenfelter's 630 horsepower performance package. As you would expect from a $150k+ car, Chevy's 100,000 mile powertrain warranty remains completely intact and the Anteros can be serviced at any GM dealership.

Once the order is given, it takes 'n2a Motors' approximately 12 weeks to build a complete model off a Corvette donor car. Aside from the composite body panels and the new alloys, the coachbuilder also upgrades the Vette's interior with re-contoured leather seats, leather dash, Italian carpeting, and leather-wrapped interior panels.