Cruise the Web in Style: Muscle Car Computer Mouse

A computer mouse doesn't actually look like the pesky rodents we all -or at least most us- like avoiding sharing our houses with, so who's to say it can't look like a car for example? Well, ergonomics might have a word or two to say about the shape, but if that's something you don't care much about, you may want to take a look at Road Mice's car shaped computer mice. Available in both wired and optical forms, Road Mice's Mouse feature a scroll wheel and LED-style headlights. As for the available models, you can choose from 11 different cars including the Corvette Z06, Ford Mustang GT, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Charger. Prices range from $32.95 to $49.95

Dodge Charger SRT-8

Dodge Charger - Police Car

Chevy Z06 Corvette

Ford Mustang GT

Chevy Camaro

Dodge Viper SRT10

Chevy Camaro Police

Dodge Challenger

Chrysler 300 HEMI C

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Ford GT

Link: Road Mice