New VW Golf Plus BlueMotion with 1.6L Diesel Returns 65.7 mpg - 4.3lt / 100km

Volkswagen has revealed UK pricing and details on its new Golf Plus BlueMotion that is available for order now with the first cars scheduled to arrive in October. In the UK, prices start at £17,570 RRP 'on the road' for the Golf Plus BlueMotion S, rising to £18,920 for the SE or £325 more than the equivalent standard Golf Plus S and SE models.

The newest member of the facelifted Golf Plus family combines VW's new 105HP 1.6-liter diesel engine with a number of BlueMotion modifications including Start/Stop and regenerative braking systems, low rolling resistance tyres and revised gear ratios which result in a fuel economy rating of 65.7 mpg UK (54.7 mpg US or 4.3 lt /100km) in the combined cycle while emitting 114 g/km of CO2.

According to the 'das' Germans, that's an 11 per cent improvement in economy and a ten per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over the outgoing Golf Plus BlueMotion that was powered by a 1.9-liter TDI diesel with 105 horsepower.