Nissan's GT-R Nurburgring Race Track Fire Fighter

Meet the world's fastest fire fighting vehicle: Nissan's specially modified GT-R that takes up role as an emergency response vehicle at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany The fire-fighting GT-R is a gift from Nissan to the Nurburgring operator and it was created in collaboration with M&M Automotive, a Bonn-based specialist for car development and motor sports. While the mechanical hardware remain intact, the GT-R's rear seats were removed and replaced with a 50-liter water tank secured with a roll cage.

The 485-horsepower sports car also gets a medium-pressure extinguisher system (20 bars) as well as a winding device for the hose while an additional radio communication system and a new set of Recaro sports seats complete the upgrades. The manufacturer claims that with a foam reach of around 18 meters and a 20-metre hose, the unit will be able to fight fire for around two minutes on a single tank.

Even though the extra equipment added 200 kg or approx 440 pounds to the coupe's weight, Nissan supports that the GT-R can still lap the Nurburgring circuit in less than 8 minutes. The standard model has recorded a lap time of the Nordschleife circuit of 7 minutes and 26.70 seconds.