BMW Blue Dynamics Land Yacht: A Conceptual Proposal for a Wind-Powered Sail Car

While BMW has its eyes set on its 'EfficientDynamics' programme, designer Stefan Radev decided to take a different approach to environmentally-friendly vehicles with the creation of a conceptual wind-powered bimmer. Dubbed Blue Dynamics, the concept study is similar in design to Richard Jenkin's Ecotricity Greenbird that smashed the world land speed record for wind-powered vehicles in March 26, 2009, achieving a top speed of 126.2 mph or 202.9 km/h.

The renderings show a three-wheeler land yacht (or so to say) equipped with a rigid sail that can be moved either automatically according to the wind direction or manually by the driver via a special control unit inside the cockpit. All of this in theory, of course.

"The challenge was to incorporate the style of a premium vehicle with the exclusiveness of a yacht, powered by an environmental force-wind," says Radev. "It is an interpretation of the idea through the eyes of a premium automobile brand like BMW, which has taken a path of creating environmentally-friendly cars that carry a distinctive style and emotional character."

Source: Stefanradev , Via: Autobloggreen