My Two Cents on the Honda Accord Crosstour and the Public Outcry on its Styling

First of all, allow me to say that in all honestly, I'm completely dumbstruck from the amount of attention that the Accord Crosstour received considering the fact that it's just a crossover version of an existing model - nothing more, nothing less. I know Honda maintains a strong fan base which is very active on the net and that these things tend to go 'viral' very quickly on the web today, but still...

I expected more people to be interested, for example, in the new Ford C-MAX, also revealed this week, which is a far more important model (from a global perspective) as it previews the next generation Focus on both sides of the pond.

I'll agree with most of you that the Accord Crosstour is no beauty and style-wise, I'd classify it in the same category with the 'Bayerischideous' X6 and 5-Series GT.

Was I expecting something better? Sure. Am I surprised? Hell no and I can't understand why many are acting as if Honda is some sort of a Japanese version of Alfa Romeo that all of a sudden lost its design touch.

If you want my personal opinion, from a styling point of view, I find a couple of current day Hondas interesting e.g. Euro Civic hatch, the outgoing S2000; some all right but nothing to get excited about like the Accord and the rest, including the Insight, FCX Clarity, Odyssey and Pilot -you get the picture- bland to the point of near invisibility.

Ok, so Honda mucked up in a sub-category that's aimed at more adventurous Camry owners - big deal... Just my two cents.