Citroen's Aggressively-Chic REVOLTe Concept brings the 2CV to the 21st Century

Citroen has given the 2CV a modern twist with the all-new REVOLTe concept mini that broke cover at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. In the French carmaker's own words, whereas the classic 2CV was "plain and neutral, basic and simple, and slow and bouncy," the REVOLTe is correspondingly, "luxurious and colorful, intelligent and technologically advanced, and lively and spirited." We know that many of you are split over the REVOLTe's appearance (let's not repeat the 'ing' jokes...), but if you must know, we like Citroen's aggressive, almost hot-rodish take on the classic 2CV theme.

The REVOLTe, which bears the logo of Citroen's newly launched DS premium line-up on the bonnet, measures just 3.68m long and is 1.73m wide and 1.35m tall, meaning that it is shorter than the C2 supermini with a wider footprint and a lower height offering the car a sporty stance.

Whereas the exterior of the REVOLTe borrows key styling attributes of Citroen's classic mini, there's nothing 2CV-ish about the car's overly futuristic interior that can be accessed through a pair of conventional doors up front and two rear-hinged 'suicide' doors at the back.

The colorful interior features a 3+1 seat layout, with a driver's seat on one side, a removable rear-facing child-seat in the front passenger space and two passenger seats behind designed to resemble a lounge.

As you've probably figured out already, the 'e' in the concept's name has to do with the hybrid-electric powertrain that combines a small-capacity conventional combustion engine with an electric motor and a battery re-charging function.

Citroen says that the REVOLTe is not meant to enter production and that it's a pure crowd-pleasing conceptual proposal. However, depending on the reactions at the Frankfurt Show, we wouldn't put it by Citroen to use the REVOLTe as a base for a future production model.