Smart and Brabus Launch Special Individual Programme for Fortwo in Frankfurt

In conjunction with performance and styling specialists Brabus, Smart has developed a new individualization programme for its Fortwo micro car. The German firm claims that "anything is possible" with this service as customers can choose from thousands of different finishes for the exterior, numerous types of leather in around 100 colors , six cabrio soft top colors as well as the whole Smart and Smart-Brabus range of accessories.

As part of the new customization service, buyers will also be able to specify their car's body panels and tridion safety cell from a palette of 18 vivid colors, each with a supercar or heritage theme including a vibrant Campbell Blue that pays homage to the iconic Bluebird land speed record.

The Smart-Brabus tailor made concept, which is being officially launched at this week's Frankfurt Motor Show, will be available this winter.