World's Largest Audi Dealership with 190,000 sq ft Opens in London

After six years of planning and construction, Audi has officially launched its largest dealership in the world that is located in West London, adjacent to the elevated section of the M4 highway. The new 190,000 sq ft building cost a total £45 million ($71.2 million or €48.2 million). It is five storeys high and has two basement levels housing a 32-bay workshop and parking facilities.

The first three storeys are showroom floors capable of displaying as many as 116 cars while the top two levels are said to be given over to the so-called "Audi Quattro Rooms", a business and creative complex which operates as a conference centre.

"In its scope, size and complexity, West London Audi is like nothing we've built before. It is 100 times more complicated than a normal retail centre," says Jeremy Hicks, director of Audi UK. "The sheer scale of this project is very emblematic of the increasing significance of Audi not only in the UK but globally."

The Audi Center in West London will be staffed by 100 personnel and according to the company, approximately 30,000 customers are expected through its doors in the next 12 months.