Saab Enthusiast Launches "I Won't Buy From GM" Campaign to Deter GM from Shutting Down the Brand

While not large in absolute numbers, Saab followers are a truly feisty bunch that will do anything to see their beloved brand surviving to see another day. And even though some may not always agree with their positions, if anything else, they do deserve our respect for their tireless efforts to save Saab.

Today we discovered that Steve Wade, a fellow Aussie from Tasmania that runs the Saabsunited enthusiasts' website, has launched a new campaign to put some pressure on General Motors to sell the brand at any cost by keeping the Detroit automaker on the media spotlight.

The site is called "I won't buy from GM" and according to Steve, the purpose of the campaign is "for people to declare to GM that if Saab is closed down, rather than sold, then those people signed up will not consider the purchase of another GM vehicle in the future."

Steve rightfully -in our opinion- notes that, while GM couldn't care less about a few thousand Saab fanatics not buying its cars, the Detroit automaker may be concerned about the media backlash if the word spreads around.

Whether or not this move will actually have any effect on GM's decision, is another story.

Since the site was launched on Christmas eve, more than 2,130 people have answered to the call.

Link: iwontbuyfromgm