Spare $15,000? Officially Licensed 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table

Men love cars. Men like playing pool. It's easy to draw a simple conclusion: men would most likely love playing pool on a car. And that's how we imagine that the idea of creating a Mustang pool table was born. Made with a solid fiberglass body molded from a 1965 Mustang that can be ordered in various colors, the pool table comes complete with alloy rims and wheels.

And while the builder shortened the length of the car shell to fit the table, both the front and rear ends are the same size as the original 'Stang and feature working lights, chrome decals and bumpers.

The maker of the '65 Mustang pool table, 'Mustang Entertainment Inc.' plans to debut its newest product at next month's Barret-Jackson Auto Auction (Jan. 18, 2010 - Jan. 24, 2010).

The problem with the 1965 Mustang pool table, which by the way, is an official licensed product, is its price that will set you back a hefty $14,995. If you're still interested, the pool table can be ordered either online or over the phone by calling 727.827.8268.

Link: Mustangpooltable