Peugeot's Frisky 207 GTi Superchipped to 190HP

ECU specialist "Superchips" has announced a new performance upgrade for the Ford Fiesta-sized Peugeot 207 GTi which is sold with the 'RC' badge in markets outside the UK. The tuner claims that after the ECU remap, the 207 GTi's 1.6-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engines produces a power gain of 12bhp, from 178bhp to 190bhp with an extra 25bhp in the mid range.

Furthermore, torque is lifted from a measured 258Nm (188lb.ft) to 306Nm (223lb.ft,) with is available from 2000rpm to 4000rpm.

The new ECU upgrade for all MY2007 onwards Peugeot 207 GTis can be installed by visiting one of approximately 100 Superchips dealerships in the UK.

The performance remap is priced at £391.00 including 17.5 per cent VAT and is covered by a 12 month, 30,000 mile warranty.