Binz Xtend E-Class Estate Asks The Question: A Hearse for a Daily Driver?

In 1961, the Checker Motors Corporation, makers of the ubiquitous Checker cab, decided – for whatever reason – to offer a civilian version to private buyers. Called the Superba, you won’t be surprised to learn it was a complete financial flop. Checker went back to making taxi cabs, no doubt thankful they didn’t try to market a civilian hearse instead.

Flash forward to 2011. At the Essen Motor Show in December of last year, European specialist coachbuilder Binz announced the Xtend E-Class estate, and now the car has entered production. By slotting in an extra 861 mm between the rear doors and rear axle, Binz have extended the estate’s cargo volume to a whopping 2620 litres. That’s better than some vans.

Weight is up to a heavy two tonnes while everything else, including the tires and choice of engines, remains standard E-Class fare. Oh, and the hearse-like styling should come as no surprise. Apart from the 6-door E-Class limousine, Binz is also a builder of several Mercedes-Benz derived hearses including one based on the swoopy CLS.

Imagine the sort of nightmares you’ll give your dachshund when it realizes it’s riding in the back of a hearse or the looks on your kid’s faces when you drop them off at school in something even Herman Munster would be embarrassed to be seen in. In my opinion, Binz should stick to building limousines. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

By Tristan Hankins

Source: Binz via Benzinsider