Porsche Considering Car Production in China or the United States, says the firm’s CEO

Future Porsche models may be made in factories in China or possibly the United States, according to a report from Focus Magazine citing the firm's Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller.

“This year, we are going to discuss whether to start assembly in Asia or North America", Mr Muller told the weekly news magazine. “The main thing is that the car has 'Engineered by Porsche' on it. Where it is produced is no longer so important,” he added.

The upcoming baby Cayenne SUV model, named Cajun, could be one of the first models to be built outside of Porsche's factories in Leipzig, in eastern Germany and Stuttgart, in the west.

The German publication said that China is a more likely possibility than the U.S., given that the VW Group already builds the Audi Q5, which will form the basis for the Cajun, at its Changchun plant in northeast China.

The magazine also quoted Mueller as saying that Porsche's medium term goal is to sell as much as 200,000 cars and SUVs per year.

Source: Focus via AFP

*Opening Photo: Sketch of current generation Cayenne SUV