China's Brilliance Shows off its Goods at the Detroit Show

The 2009 Detroit Auto Show marked the first official appearance of China's Brilliance on the U.S. automotive scene. BMW's Chinese partner introduced four of its most prominent models to the American public, including the Pininfarina designed M1 mid-sized sedan and the M2 compact saloon, as well as the M3 Coupe and FRV C-segment hatchback. Thanks to Mitsubishi's decision to pull out from this year's show, Brilliance was able to occupy (along with China's BYD) that space on the main floor of the Cobo Centre.

Brilliance has already began selling many of its vehicles to several European countries as well as emerging markets such as Russia and Egypt. The Chinese automaker has not made any announcements lately about if and when it will launch its line-up in North America, but we gather that with the current economic crunch and the effects it has on the American auto market, it won't be any time soon.