Mitsubishi's Lancer Sportback "Birds and Bees" TV Ad too Spicy for Toddlers

In Europe, Mitsubishi has no problem being a tad provocative when it comes to getting the attention of buyers. As the company itself admits, even its vehicle names have turned a few heads, such as the 'FQ' badges to be found on the 'F***ing Quick' Lancer Evolution range. Now, Mitsubishi has readied a new spicy and in our opinion, humorous TV advert for the Lancer, called "Bees and Birds." The ad is due to air in the UK on Monday 9th February.

According to Mitsubishi, Clearcast, the company that is responsible for the pre-transmission examination and clearance of UK TV advertisements, has not approved the ad to be shown on TV before 9 o'clock. It goes without saying that Mitsubishi's intention was to create a bit of a buzz with the advert.

Lance Bradley, Mitsubishi's Director of Sales and Marketing said that, "Clearcast thought that the light-hearted innuendo throughout the ad could be seen as inappropriate – especially for younger viewers. We are happy to have the TV ad shown after the 9 o'clock watershed."