Video Galore: Chrysler 200C Hybrid-Electric Concept Presentation, Driving and Static Footage

True, as many of our readers cleverly pointed out, Chrysler's surprise concept at this year's Detroit Show, certainly does bear a resemblance (or two...) up front with the Opel Insignia. But to tell you the truth, in our books, Chrysler's designers did a wonderful job with the 200C EV, creating a dynamically styled and well proportioned rear-wheel drive sport sedan. If the firm manages to make it through these difficult times, we hope that the 200C will find its way into production. Hit the jump to watch four videos of the concept that include the Detroit Show presentation, driving and static footage as well as interviews with car's designers.

Chrysler 200C EV Detroit Show Presentation

Chrysler 200C EV Driving and Static Footage

Chrysler 200C EV Exterior Designers

Chrysler 200C EV Interior Designers