Beware: Ford Warns Against Malware Attack on Google Searches with its Name

Ford Motor Company issued a warning today to protect internet users against a so-called " black hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attack" that uses the firm's name as bait to download malware on computers. According to PandaLabs, there are more than one million links pointing to malicious pages on the net specifically targeting FoMoCo. These links are promoted to the top of the search results. Once the user visits one of these pages he or she is prompted to download and install a malicious "codec" which in turn installs a 'fake' anti-virus program

If downloaded, the fake antivirus software then warns the users that their computers have been infected by malware prompting them to buy the full program or else their PC's will not work properly.

Ford said that it is working in collaboration with Google and other search engine to 'mitigate the impact' of the attack.