NY Auto Show Visitors take their Recession Frustrations on the Fashion Models

Even before I got professionally involved with the auto industry, I never remember myself asking a model at an auto show anything else other than maybe her phone number - we all have our faults and weaknesses. And okay, let's say you're not a car guy or gal, and you want to ask the model something regarding the car - there's nothing wrong with that. What's wide of the mark is if you try to take your frustrations or ask questions in concern of decisions made by high-ranking officials to a person that's just part of the glamour show.

It sounds ridiculous but according to the NY Times, that happened many times during the public days of the New York Auto Show. One man went as far as to ask in a snappy way the female model accompanying the all-electric Dodge Circuit EV, why did the company have to wait to go nearly bankrupt before coming out with such a car. Huh?

In another incident, the NY Times said that a GM presenter was told by a woman that the company was responsible for the death of American soldiers in Iraq. The logic behind this idea? If the General had opted to make more fuel-efficient cars, the U.S. wouldn't have needed that much oil in which case, it would have never invaded Iraq...

In all honestly now, some people have really, really lost it. There's nothing more I can say.

Via: NY Times , Thanks for the tip Aaron!